15+ AirPods Settings to Do After Purchase

15+ AirPods Settings to Do After Purchase
  • In this article, we will discuss the basic AirPods settings that should be done after purchasing.

15+ AirPods Settings to Do After Purchase

How to rename AirPods

To rename the headphones, go toSettings – Bluetooth – AirPods.

And if several headphones with the same name are connected, numbers are written in brackets.

AirPods Charging Optimization

Here, in the AirPods settings, do not forget to enable the “Optimized charging” option.

This will reduce battery wear. This is achieved due to the fact that the iPhone learns patterns of user behavior and tries not to charge the headphones over 80% unnecessarily.

AirPods auto-switch

In the Bluetooth settings, you can activate the automatic switching of headphones between devices of the same account.

If you don’t like how this feature works, select Last Connected to iPhone.

AirPods models and their differences

Customizing Presses and Holds on AirPods

On headphones like the AirPods 3, you won’t see the controls settings. You need to use the click pattern that the manufacturer intended:

  • Press once to start/stop playback or answer a call.
  • Press 2 times to skip to the next track.
  • Press 3 times to return to the previous track.
  • Long press to invoke Siri.
  • Say “Hey Siri” to play a song, make a call, or get directions.

But when you connect AirPods Pro , a new section will appear in the settings “Press and hold AirPods”.

By default, the left and right earbuds are set to noise management, but they can be reconfigured.

In the AirPods 2 settings , you can choose the options for double-tapping AirPods on the left and right earpiece.

In AirPods Max settings , you can choose your Digital Crown settings. Here you can change the direction of the wheel when adjusting the sound.

Checking the fit of AirPods to your ears

In the AitPods Pro settings, you can check the fit to your ears.

The smartphone sends sounds and, if necessary, tells which earpiece to fix or change the nozzle. The function does not work perfectly, but sometimes it helps.

How to find AirPods using Latitude

If you lose your AirPods, launch the Find My app. Select a device and then you can:

  • play sound;
  • find nearby by playing the game “hot-cold”. And in countries with Ultra-wideband support, also seeing the arrow, and more accurately track the geoposition, especially indoors;
  • mark the device as missing.

Notify me when AirPods are forgotten

The Latitude app in iOS 15 introduced the “Notify me when forgotten” feature.

As soon as you leave your headphones unattended, except for places like at home (where you shouldn’t), iPhone will send you a notification.

Spatial Audio

AirPods Pro, Max, or AirPods 3 have Spatial Audio. To activate it go toSettings – Bluetooth – AirPods – Spatial Audio.

When activated, the function adds volume, as if you are listening to sound in multi-channel acoustics. This applies to audio and video in supported tracks.

When playing music, the function is activated through the Control Center. Click on the headphones and activate the “Stereo in space” function.

You can also set up the head tracking option. After activating it, when turning the head, the sound source will remain in place.

High sound quality (Lossless)

When listening to music through AirPods, go toSettings – Music – Sound qualityand DISABLE the “Audio Lossless” option. Yes, turn it off.

Apple headphones still play music via Bluetooth via the AAC codec, and the potential for lossless quality is not used in any way. By disabling this item, you will save traffic and space on the device.

Lossless is for those who listen to music on a Mac using an external sound card and good headphones.

Announcing Calls and Notifications in AirPods

Go to Settings – Siri & search and turn on / off the options “Announce calls” and “Announce notifications”.

Siri will tell you by voice who is calling you or writing something. Sometimes it’s useful when your hands are busy. And sometimes it infuriates when they constantly pour messages. In addition, notifications mute the main sound of the music.

2 pairs of AirPods at the same time

All generations of AirPods and select models of Beats can be paired with an iPhone, iPad, or AppleTV to listen to or watch videos together.

Just add a second device in the Control Center settings.

Of the available options – separate volume control on each headphone.

2 pairs of headphones on Mac

Unfortunately, co-listening does not work on Mac, but there is a hack:

  1. Connect 2 pairs of AirPods in turn. Go to Bluetooth settings and check it out.
  2. Through the Spotlight search, launch the Audio-MIDI application.
  3. In the application, we create a multi-output device.
  4. Check the headphones to pair. And in front of the main headphones, check the box “Offset correction”.
  5. In the audio settings (top menu), select the multi-output device you just set up.

Now you can listen to music or watch videos with two pairs of headphones, just like on iPhone.

AirPods as a hearing aid or baby monitor

The live listening feature lets you use your AirPods like a hearing aid. Go toSettings – Control Center – Hearing(add paragraph). Next, connect your AirPods, in Control Center go to the Hearing section and activate Live Listening.

Place the device in front of the person you want to hear. Adjust the volume level on your device. The function works extremely poorly, but in the absence of a better one, it can sometimes help.

In everyday life, the included phone can be put next to the child and go to another room. You definitely won’t miss crying. Why don’t you have a baby monitor?

How to Check AirPods Charge on iPhone/iPad

To check the charge of the headphones, add batteries to the desktop or widget screen.

To do this, a long press on the desktop and a plus sign will bring up the widget menu. Find the Batteries section, there are several options for this widget.

Thus, it will be convenient to control the charge of all devices connected to the iPhone in one place.

How to Check AirPods Charge on Apple Watch

Connect headphones to Apple Watch and go to Control Center, tap on the icon that displays the charge level of the watch.

Stereo sound in one AirPods

If you use only one earbud, be sure to put the second one in the case, otherwise you will hear only mono sound.


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