What’s new ? 23 new iOS 16 features

What's new ? 23 new iOS 16 features

At the opening of WWDC 2022 , Apple officially announced iOS 16, the next generation iOS operating system. Although the update hasn’t received a redesign, iOS 16 is still a highly anticipated update with the ability to customize the lock screen, system apps, new settings, new developer APIs, and privacy improvements. The article collected all the 23 new iOS 16 features.

23 New iOS 16 Features

1. Personalized lock screen

Personalized lock screen

iOS changes have finally touched the outdated iPhone lock screen. Apple has improved the iOS 16 lock screen by adding the ability to work with layers on images. Thanks to this, on the lock screen, you can place a clock and various widgets behind or in front of the main object in the photo.

2. Lock screen customization options

Lock screen customization options

The lock screen customization options are very similar to Google Material You. The user can press and hold on the lock screen, select “Customize” at the bottom and open the editor menu to select different clock styles, colors, fonts, backgrounds and more.

3. New lock screen widgets

New lock screen widgets

Before the release of iOS 16, widgets were only available on the home screen, but now widgets can be added to the lock screen of the iPhone. iOS 16 introduces a new format of small widgets specifically designed to fit on the iPhone’s lock screen.

Thanks to the widget, you can check the weather, find out the next calendar event, details of upcoming alarms, battery status of connected bluetooth devices and much more right on the lock screen. Apple has released the Widgetkit tool for developers to create lock screen widgets in iOS 16.

4. Choose a lock screen design from your own templates

lock screen design templates

Similar to the watch faces on the Apple Watch, with iOS 16 you can now save any number of different lock screen designs to quickly switch between them. For example, one template displays the weather forecast in full screen, the other displays astronomy wallpapers for viewing the Earth, the Moon and the Solar system, or the design of Pride, Unity, etc.

Ready-made lock screen designs include emoji and various color combinations.

5. Updated notifications

Updated notifications

Apple has redesigned notifications so they appear at the bottom and don’t obscure your beautiful wallpaper. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the new lock screen design with widgets more.

6. Live broadcasts on the lock screen

Live broadcasts on the lock screen

You no longer need to launch your favorite sports app every time to view match results. Live broadcasts will help users always stay up to date in real time. For example, the lock screen can display the results of a basketball game or the time and status of a taxi arrival, food delivery, workout progress, and more. In iOS 16, Apple provided developers with the Live Activities API so they can come up with new ideas for this feature.

7. Focus filters

Last year, with the release of iOS 15, Apple announced the Focus feature. Now with the iOS 16 update, for different focus modes, you can set a personal wallpaper for the lock screen, as well as display different widgets depending on the focus mode.

While on the lock screen, swipe up to call up the focus mode selection menu and select the desired mode. It’s also possible to create focus profiles for various apps, such as Calendar, Mail, Messages or Safari, to view only relevant content. In this way, you can set Safari to display only work tabs in a specific focus mode.

8. Shared iCloud Library

Shared iCloud Library

This is an improved version of the Google Photos Partner Sharing service. You can create a separate iCloud Library and share it with up to six users. Users can share existing photos from their personal libraries, or share them based on the start date of the event or the people in the photos. The user can also automatically send photos to the shared library using a new toggle in the Camera app.

The Photos app will also prompt you to share specific photos in your shared library.

9. Edit text messages

You no longer have to apologize for typos in iMessages. You can easily edit sent messages in iOS 16.

  • You can edit and undo messages in iMessage on iOS 16 within 15 minutes

10. Cancellation of sent messages

Did you accidentally send a message to the wrong person in iMessage? If 15 minutes have not passed, then you can cancel sending such a message.

11. SharePlay in Messages

Apple has expanded the capabilities of the SharePlay function. Now you can watch shows, movies, listen to music, and control playback together right from the Messages app with a friend. Previously, sharing movies and listening to music was only available with a FaceTime video call.

12. Plan to send emails in the Mail app

Many iPhone users prefer third-party email clients. With iOS 16, the Mail app has also been updated. You can now schedule an email to be sent at a specific time and cancel it if you change your mind about sending it.

13. Email Read Reminder

It happens that you put off reading an important email until later, but forget about it. Now you can create a reminder to read it in the future. Just swipe right on an email and select Later and ask the Mail app to remind you to read this email in an hour, tonight, tomorrow, or later.

14. Improved search in the Mail app

In iOS 16, the search feature in the Mail app has been redesigned. The updated search menu offers relevant, accurate and complete results. You can see recent emails, contacts, documents, and links at the beginning of your search queries in the search bar before you start searching.

15. Live Text in Video

Apple has expanded Live Text support for videos. Just pause the video and use the Live Text button to recognize the text from the scene in order to copy it or translate it into another language through a translator.

16. Convert currency and translate text with Live Text

In addition to recognizing text on images or videos, Live Text can now convert currency, translate text, and more.

17. Visual search

Visual search allows you to select any object in the photo by clicking on the image, copy it and share it via messages or Telegram. In short, the “Visual Search” feature removes the background behind the subject and allows you to share the main subject from the image.

18. Apple Pay Later

As the name suggests, Apple Pay Later is Apple’s BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) service. You can split your purchase into four equal payments (spread over six weeks) with zero interest and no fees. All the functionality is built right into Apple Wallet, where you can view the total amount of payments and a reminder of upcoming payments.

Users can apply for Apple Pay Later when paying for a purchase with Apple Pay or the Wallet app. Apple Pay Later is available wherever you can pay with Apple Pay online or in the app using Mastercard.

19. Track orders in Apple Pay

Users can now receive detailed receipts and order tracking information (delivery status) in Wallet when they purchase from select stores with Apple Pay.

20. Share keys via messengers

Want to send your room key to your friend via WhatsApp? Now you can share your house, hotel or car keys through the Wallet app, through any text messaging apps like Messages, WhatsApp or Telegram.

21. Shared Tab Groups in Safari


Tab groups are a great way to combine all relevant tabs into one group. This is useful when you have dozens of tabs open in Safari and want to separate your study tabs from your social media tabs. The tab grouping functionality was introduced back in iOS 15F, and now with the iOS 16 update, you can share tab groups (a collection of websites) with friends and family.

22.  Passkeys in Safari

Passkeys are unique digital keys that are easy to use, secure and stay on your device. Apple has developed passkeys to replace passwords on your iPhone. They use Touch ID or Face ID for authentication and iCloud Keychain for syncing across all Apple devices. The keys will work in applications and on the Internet.

23. Apple Maps Routes with Multiple Stops

This feature has long been missing from Apple Maps. With Multi-Stop Routing, you can plan up to 15 stops ahead of time and even sync them to your Mac and iPad. For example, you can plan your route on the big screen of your Mac and sync it to your iPhone in your car or bike.

If you don’t want to wait until the iOS 16 public beta starts next month, you can purchase a developer certificate and install the iOS 16 developer beta now . Also, before proceeding to install iOS 16, make sure your iPhone is compatible with iOS 16 . The iOS 16 update brings a lot of new features, and that’s not all. We will gradually update this article.


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