3 Ways to Recover a Corrupted Excel File


Have a corrupted Excel file? Know that there is a solution! Discover 3 ways to recover a corrupted Excel file.

Excel is a well – known and widely used spreadsheet editor . Despite the high efficiency of this program, crashes can occur in the system and result in corrupted files. However, there are ways to recover your corrupted Excel file in simple steps.Excel is a program offered by Microsoft, which has several functions that help in the work and in the organization of tasks and activities.

The developed software is compatible with Windows, macOS and mobile devices with Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems. Excel’s many features have made it a professional tool. The spreadsheet editor is known for its use in finance and accounting spreadsheets, but it can also be used for charting.

3 Ways to Recover a Corrupted Excel File

As every system is prone to errors, Microsoft software is no exception. A very common failure like having a corrupted file can happen when we least expect it.

We bring here 3 ways for you to recover corrupted Excel file!

1. Recover files through Excel

In this repair option, the user needs to access his spreadsheets in Excel as he already does and start the recovery of corrupted files manually.

When accessing the home page, instead of clicking to open the file that is corrupted, open a new blank spreadsheet. Then click on File in the upper left corner of the screen.

In File, click open and look for the spreadsheet that is corrupted. When you find it in your documents, click the little arrow next to the Open button on your computer. By clicking this arrow, you will identify six options displayed. Look for the open and repair option, then an Excel alert box will appear.

Click repair to try to recover your spreadsheet. It is worth mentioning that this process can take hours or days depending on the size of the spreadsheet and its files. In addition, the computer must stay on during the entire process. This method is ideal for those who want to recover a spreadsheet that is not too heavy.

By clicking on extract data, you will be able to retrieve your most essential data from the spreadsheet. Two options appear in this new alert box: convert to values ​​and retrieve formulas.

By choosing the first option, part of your spreadsheet will have its formatting unconfigured, but its values ​​will still be kept. Although formatting details are lost, your database can still be found and transferred to a new spreadsheet.

2. Using Repairit

A simple and fast option to recover corrupted Excel files is using the Repairit tool.

Repairit is a software by Recoverit that specializes in repairing corrupted videos and photos. For Excel, Repairit is able to recover and repair XLS and XLSX files to what they were originally, with all their information intact.

The interface of this program is dynamic and easily accessible by all audiences. In addition to being compatible with Windows and Mac models.

To perform the repair, simply add the corrupted files to the Repairit File Repair menu.

After transferring all your corrupted files to the software, proceed with the repair process by clicking Repair in the lower right corner of your screen and wait for the program to recover your files.

After repairing the corrupted files, Repairit offers the user the option to preview and check if all the files are back to their original file. If everything is correct, just click Save and choose a location to store your repaired files.

3. HTML format

As a last resort, if none of the conventional methods can help you recover your corrupted Excel file, there is a tip that can help you.

By saving your Excel spreadsheet in HTML for the web format , you can export your spreadsheet or chart and view them in your browser as usual.

With your file corrupt, being able to open your spreadsheet in a browser tab can make a difference. In addition to being a simple and easy alternative file recovery process.

To export your file to HTML format, search for File and then Save As. Before proceeding, select the option to save to this computer or desktop.

In Save As, choose the location where the file will be displayed, in this case select the HTML Web Page option. Decide on a name for your HTML file and click save at the bottom of the dialog box.

Ready! After saving, you will be able to find your spreadsheet as a web page in HTML format.

Be sure to try each of these options before having your corrupt Excel file as lost! Most of the solutions are simple and quick to perform, look for alternatives that most resemble what you are looking to repair.

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