7 tips for first-time travelers

7 tips For first-time travelers

One of the most awaited moments for those who get their first license: driving on the road for the first time. First-time travelers must be excited, looking forward to this moment of freedom, but it’s always good to take it easy, after all, driving on a highway requires much more attention than on residential streets or taking that avenue in your neighborhood. A car traveling at 120 km/h is much more susceptible to accidents due to the fact that any sudden movement of the steering wheel can cause it to overturn, crash , skid, etc.

7 Tips For First-Time Travelers

Therefore, it is important to emphasize that first-time travelers need to be well adapted to city traffic. This ensures that everyday attitudes are already treated as basic, such as: staying in the same lane, keeping the acceleration, the distance from the car in front, being calm to make overtaking in a safe and permissible way and so on…

Necessary care must be reinforced

It sounds silly, but the urge to hit the road can cause some basic forgetfulness when getting a car. For example: did you wear your seat belt? Did you check that the mirrors were in the correct position? Are you comfortable on the bench? After all, it will be a few hours inside the car… Don’t think that all this is silly, because these attitudes can save lives.

Respect speed limits

This goes for both experienced drivers and beginners. This tip is very relevant, because when you are on the road, the feeling of speed ends up being very pleasant, but do not exceed the limits imposed on the road. This attitude is high risk and, on top of everything, can get you fined.

Basic vehicle inspection before leaving

The review can ensure that you and other drivers escape accidents, after all, can you imagine being at more than 100km/h and the brake not working? Not a nice thing to think about, is it? Other than that, replacing the water in the radiator, windshield , checking the oil and tire calibration are basic procedures that should be done every time you go on the road.

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Keep your distance from the car ahead

Beginners have a longer response time, as they are not used to the unforeseen caused on the roads. A hole in the road, a stone that is thrown against the glass, an animal on the road, in short… All this can happen and you need considerable space to perform a maneuver.

Don’t take the road alone for the first time

Wanting to be independent behind the wheel is everyone’s wish, but take it easy. When driving on a road for the first time, it is very important to be with someone who has experience behind the wheel or who can reassure you. This ensures more confidence for the novice driver and, if they don’t feel comfortable to continue, just pass the wheel to those who are already used to it.

Sleep + fatigue = distance from the steering wheel

If you’re sleepy and feeling tired, don’t get behind the wheel. You may even be feeling fit to drive, but your body is asking for a break. And this is one of the most common mistakes made by first-time travelers: thinking they won’t make any mistakes. Any inattention, a longer blink of an eye can be fatal on the roads. Be fully rested and awake for road driving.

Road signs

On the roads, there are some signs that are very important for the flow of cars to remain. If someone is behind you flashing their headlights it means they want to overtake you. If someone is coming in the opposite direction to you, flashing the headlights, it could be a warning of problems on the road ahead… The tip is always extra attention and good luck =)


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