Baby health insurance: is it worth it?

Baby health insurance: is it worth it?

The arrival of a new element in the family brings several implications and a baby health insurance can avoid many headaches for parents.

Taking out baby health insurance can be crucial for the well-being of the child, as these insurances cover expenses such as trips to the pediatrician, hospitalisations, immunisations, etc.

Welcoming a new member into the family means making a lot of changes to the parents’ lifestyle, as well as taking extra precautions.

All health insurers offer baby health insurance services, but it is necessary to know how to choose the most suitable policy, and the insurance simulation is a good idea to help in the choice.

The best option may be to cover the child in the family health insurance , instead of taking out insurance for each member of the family. This alternative is cheaper and the services offered are the same for the whole family.

Especially in cases of children who are born with motor disabilities and chronic illnesses, health insurance is of vital importance and constitutes an important decision to be taken by parents. But even if the child is healthy, health insurance should be a priority.


The type of insurance to choose depends on the type of access to medical services you want to have:

  • complete health insurance guarantees access to doctors, hospitals and private clinics (in case of accident or illness);
  • Basic health insurance provides access to public and private medical services and is cheaper.


A baby health insurance costs between 10 and 15 euros per month (with the possibility of access to hospitalisation coverage, outpatient care, second medical opinion, hospitalisation coverage and specialist consultations, stomatology and ophthalmology), if it is an individual insurance. If the baby health insurance is added to the family insurance plan , the value of the complete package is around 65 euros per month .

1. Co-payment

Most services are available at a predetermined price, associated with a network of health service providers, with part paid by the customer and the remainder borne by the insurer.

2. Refund

Depending on the type of service and your location, some insurance companies reimburse the expense. The client pays the health expense and then, upon presentation of proof, the insurer returns the money (according to the policy ).

Baby health insurance is a good option to protect children and ensure their well-being. However, when deciding which insurance is the most suitable , it is first necessary to analyze the insurance that covers the whole family and see the most suitable option, adjusting it to the family’s lifestyle.

It is advisable that, when choosing the service and signing the contract, the coverage offered by the insurance is carefully analyzed, as the contract may include unnecessary coverage, which makes the insurance premium more expensive.

Deco recommends, in case you intend to take out insurance that covers oral medical services, that you subscribe to dental insurance first .



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