CleanShot X for Mac has new quick actions, blur options, and more

CleanShot X for Mac has new quick actions, blur options, and more

CleanShot X for Mac

CleanShot X is a useful tool for Mac that adds many powerful features to your device to record and capture Mac screen. In December, the previous major update of the program was released, and now CleanShot X 4.1 has been released. It contains improved recording features, new blur tools, and more.

In case you didn’t know, CleanShot X replaces the built-in macOS screenshot tool with a wider and more advanced feature set. There are handy annotation tools, the option to save images to cloud storage, screenshots of the entire page, and much more.

Today’s CleanShot 4.1 update introduces new features to hide sensitive information in screenshots. Previously, such information in CleanShot screenshots could be “pixelated”, but now it can also be blurred. There’s also a new safe blur option that uses a random blur pattern. With it, no one will definitely distinguish blurry data.

Another improvement in the new version of CleanShot is the ability to lock the aspect ratio when selecting a screen recording area. You can easily save screen recording with a specific aspect ratio. For example, 16:9 for YouTube videos.

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Other new features in CleanShot X 4.1 include:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick actions:
    • ⌘ C  – copy to clipboard
    • ⌘ S  – save
    • ⌘ W  – close
    • ⌘ U  – upload to cloud
    • ⌘ E  – open annotation tool
  • Quick action “Move to Trash” in the context menu.
  • Option to turn off screen fading while recording.
  • Option to bypass the “Save As” dialog when holding down the ⌥ (Alt/Option) key in the Annotation Tool window.
  • Options for saving to pinned screenshots via the context menu.
  • Improved compatibility and display of file extensions.
  • New exit button position.
  • Bug fixes and interface improvements.

The company talked about all the changes in the new version of CleanShot X in the video:


You can download the program from the CleanShot official website . It is also available as part of a  Setapp subscription .



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