How to Delete Old WhatsApp Media Files from the Photos App

How to Delete Old WhatsApp Media Files from the Photos App

WhatsApp saves the same photos and videos in two places – in the WhatsApp app and in the Photos app on iPhone. You can easily prevent WhatsApp from saving images in Photos app for iPhone . But photos and videos will still be saved inside the app.

If you have a lot of personal and group chats on WhatsApp, then the media files from them can take up many gigabytes.

This article will show you how to delete old WhatsApp photos and videos from your iPhone to free up space.

Before proceeding , remember that you may have important photos, receipts, documents, screenshots in WhatsApp chats. So make sure you back up all your important photos and videos before cleaning.

How to Delete old WhatsApp Media Files from the Photos App

WhatsApp automatically creates a new album in your iPhone’s Photos app and saves all incoming media files there.

Here is how to remove WhatsApp photos from iPhone album:

  1. Open the Photos app and tap on Albums at the bottom.
  2. Select ” All ” to view all albums. Scroll down and select an album called whatsapp.
  3. Click Select.
  4. Now you can click Select All or tick only the photos you want to delete.
  5. Once selected, click on the  trash can icon and select Delete > Delete n Photos.

You have successfully deleted photos and videos saved from WhatsApp on your iPhone. However, they are still in the Recently Deleted section of the Photos app for 30 days. Don’t forget to remove them from there as well.

Delete WhatsApp photos and videos from the app

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp also keeps one copy of the images in the app. Thus, after deleting photos from Photos, you can delete another copy from the WhatsApp app.

Remove from individual chat

  1.  In WhatsApp, go to a private or group chat and click on his name at the top.
  2. Select ” Media, links and documents “. You will now see all the files shared by that person or group. It also includes the images you have submitted.
  3. Tap Select and swipe to select files.
  4. Finally, click on the delete trash icon and confirm.

Delete data and storage from partition

WhatsApp has a handy storage setting where you can see the total space used by app files, conversations taking up the most space, etc.

Here’s how to manage WhatsApp storage by deleting unwanted media:

  1. Select Settings in the bottom right corner of WhatsApp.
  2. Click “Data and storage”.
  3. Select ” Manage Storage “.
  4. Here you can view large files or files redirected too many times and delete them on the next screen. You can also click Select > Select All , which eliminates the need for manual selection.
  5. In addition, you can also see which chats are taking up the most space. Here, click on a chat to view all media and select all or just the ones you want to delete.

Delete the entire conversation

If you delete an entire WhatsApp conversation including chats, all media sent and received by that person or group will also be deleted from your device. This can free up a significant amount of space on your iPhone.

Here’s how to delete a WhatsApp chat to get rid of all media from this dialog:

1) On WhatsApp, make sure you are in the Chats section.

2) Swipe left in a chat and tap ” More ” > ” Delete Chat ” > ” Delete Chat “.

3) If you want to delete multiple conversations together, click ” Edit ” in the top left corner, select individual chats (do not select a group chat), and click Delete > Delete n chats .

4) To delete everything from a group chat, swipe left and tap Clear Chat > ​​Delete All Messages . This will remove all messages and media from this group chat on your device.

Tip: When clearing memory, do not forget to go to the archive section and delete old chats from there.

Clear or delete all WhatsApp chats

There are two buttons in WhatsApp settings that can clear all chats or delete them.

If you clear all chats in WhatsApp, all messages and media from all conversations will be removed from your device, but the chat names will still be listed in the chat section. When you click on any person or group chat, it will be empty.

If you delete all chats in WhatsApp, every conversation, as well as all messages and media files, will be deleted. There will be no individual chats in the chat section, only group chats in which you are a member.

Here is how to clear or delete all WhatsApp chats:

1) Open WhatsApp and click Settings .

2) Click “Chats“.

3) Click “Clear All Chats” or “Delete All Chats“.

4) Enter your WhatsApp phone number and confirm to clear or delete all chats.

Delete whatsapp app

We have shared several ways to delete old photos, videos and documents from WhatsApp chats and those saved locally on your iPhone.

However, if these methods didn’t help clear your WhatsApp memory or you want to start over, you can uninstall the WhatsApp app and then reinstall it. This will also delete all chats, images, GIFs, videos, links, PDFs, etc. (unless you restore conversations from their WhatsApp backup).

Note: Deleting the WhatsApp app from your iPhone will not remove you from the WhatsApp groups you are a member of.

Delete your WhatsApp account

Finally, you can delete your WhatsApp account, thus deleting all media files from your device. This will also remove you from all WhatsApp group chats you are a member of.

If you would like to return to WhatsApp, you can do so using the same phone number. This will be a clean WhatsApp account without old groups or chats.


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