Download Android Image Kitchen V3.8

Download Android Image Kitchen V3.8

Android Image Kitchen is a window tool which allow user to unpack repack boot and recovery images. with the help of Android Image Kitchen you can unpack images from android 2.3 to Android 12.

 Unpack/Repack Kernel+Recovery Images, and Edit the ramdisk.

Windows ports of the necessary Linux utils for Android image (kernel/recovery) mod work:

Best practice is to edit simple text files inside this app while exporting image/binary/big text files to local storage and edit them with your favorite tools such as “Notepad++”, “DroidEdit” or “Hex Editor” then import them back. By doing this, you are effectively replacing the original files with pertaining file permissions. Flash the boot/recovery image with apps such as “Flashify” or TWRP to replace existing images for your personal testing to do flashing. Further than that, it is for your imagination.

Download Genisys Xiaomi Tool

How to use Android Image Kitchen V3.8:

  • Download the Image Kitchen
  • extract download file
  • move recovery or boot.img in Android Image Kitchen folder
  • to unpack drag and drop file on unpackimage.bat
  • You can repack it back by running repackimg.bat
  • to clean directory run cleanup.bat

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