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MTK client is a tool which allows a user to flash download disabled Mediatek devices Like Amazon fire TV Sticks & tablets. with the help of MTK client tools, you can disable SLA authentication and DAA, you can make a dump of bootrom & preloader, also you can run patched Preloader to disable sbc. in this article you will learn How to setup MTK client on your windows and Linux PC.

Features Of MTK Client Tool V5.2 MediaTek all in one Tool

  • Erase FRP lock.
  • Bootloader Unlock.
  • Password Removing.
  • Safe format without data loss.
  • Authentication Bypass.
  • Factory Reset.Relock Bootloader.
  • MI Account TEMP bypass.
  • Permanently Unlock.


This software is not integrated, closed, developed, modified in any way that is not beneficial to the owner.


Let give a lot of thanks to the team that made free Updated version available. All rights reserved.


The important things to note is that the publication or article and downloaded software should only be used for educational and research purposes and may not be used on any other device unless you own that. We are not responsible for what you do with this tool or Setup.

Download Miracle FRP tool V2.0 Full Setup Full

How to Setup MTK client on Windows:

  • Download and Install python 3.9  git
  • Next is downloading the mtkclient from link in the post and extract it to C drive
  • open CMD command in MTKclient folder and send the below code to Install require files
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Get zadig from & Insall WinUSB driver
  • Similar to libusb Start zadig, select Options -> List all devices
  • Connect your powered off device via usb, and in list choose device with USB ID “0E8D””0003”
  • Select WinUSB and press Button “Replace Driver”
  • done, Now you can use script according your requirement’s
  • Let’s see some examples

Disable DAA SLA Authentications:

python mtk payload

dump bootrom:

python mtk dumpbrom --ptype=["amonet","kamakiri","hashimoto"] [--filename=brom.bin]

dump preloader

python mtk dumppreloader --ptype=["amonet","kamakiri","kamakiri2","hashimoto"] [--filename=preloader.bin]

run custom payload

python mtk payload --payload=payload.bin [--var1=var1] [--wdt=wdt] [--uartaddr=addr] [--da_addr=addr] [--brom_addr=addr]

How to setup MTKclient on Linux:

for linux you have to setup a patched kernel, you can boot this FireIso Live DVD

  • Install python and grab require files
sudo apt install python3 git libusb1.0
  • Install require files
git clone
cd mtkclient
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 build
python3 install
  • Install rules
sudo adduser $USER dialout
sudo adduser $USER plugdev
sudo cp Setup/Linux/*.rules /etc/udev/rules.d sudo udevadm control -R
  • done, Now you can use this script


  • kamakiri [xyz]
  • linecode exploit [chimera]
  • Chaosmaster

Source: Github

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