Duet AI: What is Google’s AI Assistant? Features

Duet AI: What is Google's AI Assistant

Google announced the Duet AI smart assistant in Google Docs or its Workspace services, an assistant that brings the ability to easily produce content based on generative AI technologies in Docs, Sheets and Slides applications, during the keynote speech at its annual developer conference I/O 2023 earlier this May, and Duet AI is Google’s response to the Copilot smart assistant that Microsoft previously announced to users of Office applications and then said that it would integrate it In Windows 11.

What is Duet AI smart assistant in Google Workspace services?

Users of Google Workspace applications competing with Microsoft’s famous Office applications can rely on Duet AI to help produce content easily, depending on generative AI technologies, so that they can request, for example, write a job description for a job in Google Docs directly through text dialing, or help create spreadsheets in Sheets or create presentations in Slides, including producing images through text descriptions and others.

What are the features of Google’s Duet AI assistant?

Here are the features of Duet AI and how to leverage it in Google Workspace apps like Google Docs, Slides for creating presentations, and Sheets for creating spreadsheets:

Assistance in writing and content production

While Google said that the artificial intelligence assistant Duet now helps users of Workspace applications write content, including replying to emails in Gmail and writing drafts in Google Docs, it confirmed that it will provide the features it provides to smartphone users so that users can write complete responses from just simple or keywords, provided that it later provides ready-made responses based on the information contained in the emails, such as requesting to write a professional response for compensation. From the airline after cancellation and others.

Create images from text in Slides presentations

slides-duet ai create images

The Duet AI assistant also allows Slides users to create images directly from text while creating a presentation, similar to Dalle from OpenAI or Midjourney and other AI-based text image creation tools, all the user has to do is activate Google’s smart assistant in the sidebar and request to create an image by describing it textually, then add the images directly into any slide of the presentation.

Help with data analysis in Google Sheets

The Duet AI assistant also provides Workspace users with spreadsheet analysis in Google Sheets (Excel competitor), through the ability to classify data and suggest plans based on this, where the smart assistant can understand the data contexts in the cell and assign a label to it automatically, which saves the burden of manual data entry, with the ability to take advantage of this in summarizing users’ comments on a product or filtering job applicants.


Through the help me organize, users can create plans for tasks, projects, etc. in sheets, all the user has to do is describe what he wants, whether textually to filter the data, with the ability to help create and suggest equations, represent data graphically, and more.

Create meeting backgrounds in Google Meet

Google Duet AI can also be relied on when making video calls or meetings through the Google Meet application, which is considered one of the best video calling applications, through the ability to create backgrounds for meetings according to the context, which also helps maintain privacy.

Workspace users can experience Google’s new AI-based features now by registering for Workspace Labs, a new program from Google that allows you to try and preview these features before they are officially available to all users.


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