How to Enable Haptic Keyboard Feedback on iPhone with iOS 16


One of the innovations in  iOS 16 is the ability to use haptic feedback with the native iOS keyboard. In the article, we tell you how to enable vibration (Enable Haptic Keyboard feedback) in the standard iPhone keyboard and why it is better to use it, and not third-party keyboards.

Third-party keyboards have long offered haptic keyboard feedback, like Google’s Gboard, but many prefer to use the native iOS virtual keyboard. One of the main reasons is privacy, as third-party keyboards often request access to track everything you type on the keyboard.

Luckily, with iOS 16, Apple added support to enable haptic feedback to the iPhone keyboard, but it’s disabled by default.

How to Enable Haptic Keyboard Feedback on iPhone with iOS 16

For now, iOS 16 is only available to developers. If you want to install now, use our  guide.

  1. Open the Settings app .
  2. Go to Sounds, tactile cues.
  3. At the bottom, select ” Keyboard response “.
  4. Click on the toggle switch ” Haptic signals “to enable vibration when you press the iPhone’s virtual keyboard.

After enabling keyboard haptics, you can also disable keyboard clicks. Unlike beeps, keyboard tactile tones work in normal and silent modes.

You may have noticed the new Haptic Toggles at the bottom of Sounds, Haptic Settings, which toggles vibration on and off in ring mode and silent mode, but doesn’t affect the haptic feedback of the iPhone keyboard you just turned on.


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