What is Google Lens? Features and how to benefit from them

What is Google Lens
Google Lens

The Google Lens integrated into the Google application provides many features that iPhone and Android users can take advantage of, and it is a visual search tool that can be easily accessed through the Google Search application for smartphones, so that the user can search for what he sees, whether through the camera, taking a picture or screenshot, with many options that will facilitate the lives of users.

What is Google Lens?

Google said that users of the visual search feature Google Lens conduct more than 12 billion searches through the feature per month, a feature that allows the user to search for what he sees, whether through the camera, taking a picture or even a screenshot, including text within images and identifying products within images to buy, translation and others, depending on artificial intelligence techniques AI.

How to access Google Lens via iPhone and Android?

Smartphone users, whether iPhone or Android, can access the features of Google Lens directly through the main Google search application, by clicking on the “Camera” icon on the side of the Google search box, then taking a picture or choosing a picture from the phone to search for or explore the information it contains.

Google Lens features can also be accessed through the Google Photos app for photos, the user only has to open any image and click on the loupe icon from the image options.

Google has recently taken advantage of the features of Google Lens through computers, via the Chrome browser, so that the user can right-click and click Search Image with Google to show Google Lens options on the side of the web page he browses, including searching within images

What are the features of Google Lens? How to benefit from it?

These are the most prominent uses of the Google Lens lens that users can benefit from, in addition to the best features that can contribute to facilitating life:

See what you see throughout the day with Google Lens

The user can take advantage of the visual search through the Google Lens feature to identify the things he sees, whether while moving to learn about a building or a famous landmark that he does not know, with the ability to learn about plants and animals, in addition to obtaining information about all these things and links to learn more about them.

Translate street signs and menus directly through the camera

Google has improved the translation feature through Google Lens, so that street signs and menus can be translated directly into more than 100 different languages depending on Google Translate, the user only has to point with the camera to any banner or menu to appear in the mother tongue or language he wants, with the ability to translate texts within any image or screenshot easily depending on the same feature, so that Google Lens replaces the text in the image with the translated text directly.

Help with homework

By pressing the Homework button from the Google Lens interface, the feature can help solve homework, whether math or science problems or even questions in history and others, all the user has to do is point the camera or take a picture of what he wants to get solved and choose the “Homework” filter at the bottom, to then get the solution step by step, with results that help him learn more.

Access products while shopping

In the case of liking shoes, a dress, or a shirt in a picture that the user encountered while browsing a site or social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., so that the user can save the image and open it through the Google Lens, the user will then find a list of shoppable matches with links to the stores through which to buy, with the possibility of using the feature while shopping in traditional stores to explore options for buying and shopping from stores on Internet.

More accurate results via Google search and texts together

Through the Multisearch feature, the visual search feature can be enhanced to obtain more accurate results by attaching it to texts, which allows you to inquire about something using text and images together, so that you can search, for example, in the image of a dress or the image of a piece of fabric with typing a different color than its color to get suggestions in a specific color or more accurate suggestions.

Google Lens Shopping

Google said that through the multi-search feature, users can get answers to anything in front of them by searching by images depending on the Google Lens feature, then get more accurate results by adding text such as color, any brand, or other, so that they can, for example, take advantage of the feature to take a picture or screenshot such as a shirt and then write a “tie” to get consistent ties with it.

How to appear on Google Maps

Meet nearby restaurants that serve specific food

Google Lens Foods Near Me
Google Lens Foods Near Me

In the event that you like a dish or a certain type of food, you can rely on Google Lens in nearby restaurants that provide these dishes or foods, by saving a picture or taking a picture of a dish or recipe and using multiple search to type “nearby restaurants” to display Google results for the nearest restaurants that serve this dish, with information about the opinions of others in the restaurant, how to book, and others.

Help diagnose skin diseases

Google Lens Skin Conditions
Google Lens Skin Conditions

Google Lens recently got an important feature that will help users describe the skin problems or diseases they suffer from, so that the user can take a picture of a bump on the lips, a line on the nails, or an area of the head that suffers from hair loss or the presence of any pimples or strange marks on the skin, and then the Google lens can help access visual matches that help in the search process and describe the problem when communicating with health care service providers And others, but Google now provides the feature in the United States, to be available later in more countries around the world.

Integration with Google Bard

Google announced during its I/O 2023 developers conference the integration between Google Lens and its Google Bard chatbot so that in the coming weeks users can send an image to Google Bard and request a description of it or write a funny expression about it before publishing it on social networks, which Google says it provided based on Google Lens.

Copy text from images with Google Lens

It is also possible to take advantage of the features of Google Lens in copying texts from images, whether documents or others, by taking a picture of any document or anything that includes texts or pointing the camera in the Google Lens for this document, and the application will automatically detect texts and display copies of some of them, copy them all, or even listen to them, with the ability to “copy to computer”, so that texts can be copied from images on the phone and copied into a document on Google Docs via Chrome browser when you log in with the same Google account.


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