Health insurance for childbirth: what to consider?

Health insurance for childbirth: what to consider?
Health insurance for childbirth:  It’s not news that having health insurance can be very useful at various stages of our lives. By taking out this type of insurance, in addition to having access to a wide choice of professionals and private entities, you also get access to specialist consultations without having to be on the National Health Service waiting lists. Now, when we think about taking out insurance for a specific need, as a rule, several questions arise, mainly in relation to coverage and the rules applied by insurers. One of the most common cases of this type of situation is taking out health insurance with a child in mind.

Although most people continue to opt for SNS deliveries, the truth is that in recent years there has been a greater demand for private hospitals when it comes to bringing a baby into the world . According to statistics, in 2000 private hospitals were only responsible for around seven thousand births. However, the numbers for 2017 already showed a strong increase, since that year more than 12 thousand babies were born in the private sector. And the numbers seem to have continued to rise in recent years.

That said, if you are considering taking out health insurance, as you want your future child to be delivered privately, we advise you to find out in advance. It may seem to be overzealous, but in reality this type of coverage requires an advance contract, in order to be able to benefit from the contracted advantages. But don’t worry if you’re still not up to speed on this subject. Below we will address 6 aspects that you should take into account before contracting health insurance thinking about the delivery of your child.

Health insurance for childbirth 6 Things to consider

1 – If you still don’t have health insurance with childbirth coverage, calculate the weight it will have on your family budget

For those who already have health insurance, but it does not cover childbirth, it is important to first check the weight that this extra coverage will have on your family budget . Basic health insurance, as a rule, can have more affordable values, however when we add extra coverage the price tends to increase considerably. Therefore, if your baby is not yet on the way, the ideal is to analyze your possibilities in advance.

Firstly, the ideal is to talk to your insurer and ask for a simulation of how much it would be to add childbirth coverage. There are insurers that have more than one type of coverage available for childbirth, with different ceiling limits , especially in hospitalisations.

If the values ​​shown are not to your liking, you can and should request simulations of health insurance with childbirth coverage from other insurers. In this way, you get to know the various options that exist for what you are looking for, and you can see which is the best option for your family budget.

A good solution for those who cannot bear the weight of health insurance, with these coverages, in their budget is to be followed by a trusted private obstetrician, who delivers in a public hospital.

2 – Before taking out health insurance thinking about childbirth, find out in advance about the grace period

After receiving the various simulations, it is time to analyze the grace periods that each insurer imposes. Unlike the majority of coverage that health insurance offers, which have shorter grace periods, the grace period for coverage of childbirth is around 360 days .

Therefore, if you are already expecting a child and have not yet taken out this coverage, you will hardly be able to benefit from the perks that health insurance offers during childbirth. The grace period is non-negotiable, since the profitability of these products also depends on this condition.

If you haven’t taken out health insurance yet or if you want to add this coverage, the ideal is to start asking for simulations and see the best options for you more than a year in advance . The sooner you sign up, the greater the risk of not benefiting from your investment if you become pregnant unexpectedly.

3 – Take a good look at what is included in childbirth coverage and what is excluded

One thing to bear in mind is that each insurer sets its conditions for each coverage. However, childbirth coverage, as a rule, includes normal childbirth, a cesarean section and an involuntary termination of pregnancy. Another thing you should be aware of is that this type of coverage is usually included in hospitalisation. That is, this entitles the payment of medical fees, expenses for the assistance of the pregnant woman, anesthesia, etc. In addition, in some insurers, coverage can be more extensive, with preparation for childbirth and the recommended medical ultrasounds being available in the contracted amount.

However, there are some factors that you should also take into account, especially with regard to the payment of agreed amounts , in addition to the expenses that the insurer will bear. Another detail that you should bear in mind is that if the amount of hospitalization expenses exceeds the maximum foreseen in your policy for coverage of childbirth, you will have to pay this additional amount . And, last but not least, you should also know that childbirth coverage does not usually cover exams and consultations related to pregnancy. However, that doesn’t mean your insurance doesn’t cover that expense or a portion of it. It can only mean that this type of procedure is included in your outpatient coverage.

Remember that this coverage is for the time of delivery and not for other illnesses and problems that can occur unexpectedly in a pregnancy. For example, if you have a health problem that leads to hospitalisation during pregnancy, this will not be covered by the amount of this coverage, but by the capital you have available in hospitalisation coverage.

4 – Ask about the conditions you will have at the time of delivery and if there are discounts on services that may interest you

To really find out what your health insurance covers during childbirth and during pregnancy, there’s nothing better than asking your questions to the insurers. In the previous topic we talked about what may or may not be covered for childbirth, but there are more specific issues that may interest you. For example, ask if, when you take out the insurance with coverage for childbirth, you will be entitled to a room all to yourself. After all, this simple detail can make all the difference in this unique moment of your life. Many insurance companies take this factor into account and guarantee that at the time of hospitalization, the mother and baby have a private room. However, expenses with companions are usually not included.

Another issue that may be relevant if you want stem cell cryopreservation is to find out if your insurance gives discounts on it. Some insurers already take this factor into account and offer discounts in a vast network of partners.

Finally, also find out what is covered if you have a high-risk pregnancy or complications at the time of delivery. Although no one likes to think of a darker scenario, the truth is that knowing that expenses are paid if there are complications can help you overcome a period of greater insecurity and stress.

5 – Find out in advance about the cost of a normal delivery and a cesarean section

Although many people are aware of this topic, the truth is that if you are thinking of having a child in a private hospital, there is information that requires some research, so as not to have unpleasant surprises. Therefore, it is always advisable to find out in advance about the cost of a normal delivery, but also a cesarean section , as this procedure may be necessary.

Before starting to collect this information, it is important to know that the value of a delivery varies a lot . This price variation occurs depending on the type of insurance you have, as well as the value assured by the contracted coverage. In addition, each private hospital has its own price list , which influences the final amount to be paid, depending on the type of delivery that takes place. For example, a cesarean section is a more expensive procedure than a normal delivery. Therefore, you should find out about the prices charged in each private hospital of your choice and see how much you will have to pay and what the insurance covers. Only after collecting this information should you make a decision about the ideal hospital for the birth of your child.

6 – If there are several people in your household, evaluate the family health insurance

If there are several people in your household, it may be interesting to consider family health insurance . This is because insurers tend to offer more advantageous prices the more people you have on a policy . Another advantage is that you will have to deal with less bureaucracy, as you will only be able to speak with one insurer and will have to pay for a single policy.

After the baby is born, if you want the baby to be covered by the insurance, you must contact your insurer and send the birth certificate . If you have questions about the procedures or what coverage your baby will be able to enjoy, it is best to speak directly with your insurer.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of taking out health insurance thinking about the delivery of your child, find out in advance about all your doubts and conditions, but do not limit your possibilities to a single coverage. Do your math after receiving several simulations, and only then choose the best option for you and your family.



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