How to activate microphone in Zoom for Android


Since last year, Zoom has been crowned one of the most used applications worldwide. The pandemic has forced millions of people to work or study from home and this app has been one of the ways that many have used to make video calls with colleagues, colleagues, friends, or family. In addition, many use it on Android and a common question is how to activate the microphone in Zoom.

It’s not uncommon for users to experience audio issues when making a video call on Zoom. That is why below we will tell you how you can activate the microphone in Zoom for Android. In addition, we also talk about some aspects to take into account about the microphone and audio in the app, so that you can make better use of it at all times.

Audio requirements in Zoom

When using Zoom on our Android devices, the app sets audio requirements. That is, you have to check if you comply with them to determine if it will be possible for you to use the app. These are requirements that are established in all its versions, both on mobile and on PC. These are two requirements that we are asked to meet in any case, which is the following:

  • Have a microphone, either built into the device itself or through a USB connection, or by using headphones.
  • Speaker or headphones connected, to check the app audio.

If you comply with these two aspects, something that most users should comply with, then you will be able to use this application on your Android device normally. This is a preliminary step to activating the microphone in Zoom. Keep in mind that you may not have problems with the microphone or the audio in the app, but simply do not meet one of these two requirements, which will prevent you from actually participating in a video call normally. Although rarely, these requirements are not met, we should be able to use the app without problems.

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Activate the microphone in Zoom

If you use Zoom on your Android phone, the application will ask us to grant it a series of permissions so that it will work correctly on the mobile. You are going to see that one of those permissions that we find is to give the app access to the microphone, something essential if we want to be able to use it on our smartphone or tablet. Despite having granted that permission, the microphone may not be active when we enter that meeting in the app.

Activating the microphone in Zoom is something that you will be able to do in the meeting room itself within the app. So if when you enter you see that the microphone is deactivated in your case, it will not be a problem, since you will only have to activate it when you are in the meeting itself. This is something that you will be able to do in any of the versions of the application (Android, iOS, PC, Mac), so it is something especially simple.

What you have to do is open that Zoom meeting on your Android phone. When you are inside the meeting, you will see that at the bottom of the screen there is a bar with options to control your audio or video and the first of the options that appear is to Activate audio. This is the option that you have to click on so that you will be able to activate your microphone in Zoom and thus you will be able to speak normally in this meeting. When you use this option you will see that the microphone icon disappears in red with a line that appeared next to your name in that meeting. The microphone has already been activated, so that you will be able to speak in that meeting with total normality and the others will be able to hear you.

Mute your audio in meetings

Zoom Android

There are meetings in the application where one person has to speak, such as an online presence. The other participants in the presentation only have to listen, at least for the duration of that presentation, before they can comment or ask any questions. In these cases, you may want to avoid that if you make a noise (coughing or noise in your room) from being disturbing to the presentation, Zoom allows us to silence ourselves at all times. It is something comfortable that many users use in the app.

The way to mute ourselves in a Zoom meeting is identical to the way we have activated the microphone, as we have shown in the previous section. When we are in a meeting in the app we have to go to the bar with options at the bottom of the screen. The first option that will appear, if we have the microphone or the audio activated, is the Mute option. This is an option that has a microphone icon with a line through the icon. You just have to click on that icon to mute our microphone in the Android app.

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Also, if you are the person who created this Zoom meeting, you can mute all participants at any time or even mute specific people individually. This is something that will allow you to speak without disturbance or interruption in that meeting, in a way that no noises are coming from other people that are going to be annoying during it. This is an option that the person who created the meeting will find in their settings at all times. If you are the one who has made this meeting in Zoom, check your location before entering so that you will be able to use it with the participants when the meeting is already underway, so that it is more comfortable for you to use at all times in the well-known app.

Sound test

By activating the microphone in Zoom we will be able to speak and participate in any meeting normally. If you want to be completely sure, the app also can perform a sound test. This is a good way to check that everything works well in terms of audio or sound and thus know that we will be able to take part in the meeting without any problem. This is something available in all versions of the app.

Once Zoom is open on our device, we have to enter the app settings. In the application settings, we have a section called Audio, where we can find all the options related to audio in the app. You will see that among these options we have an option dedicated to the speaker and another dedicated to the microphone. These are the options that we can use to perform this audio test on our account.

In the case of the speakers, the sound of a call will be played, so that we can check if we hear it correctly on our Android device. If you do the microphone test, it will ask you to make a small recording and then check if that microphone on the device works well or not, since you will be able to play it later. So you are going to see if you can be heard or not in that recording that you have made and determine if the microphone works or not.

The idea of ​​the audio test is that we can see that both the microphone and the speaker are working well before starting a meeting. It is a way of confirming that there will be no problems of any kind when we enter the meeting, at most we will only have to activate the microphone in the app. The sound test will tell us if there is one of the two that has failed and if so, you will not be able to participate in a meeting.

App permissions

App permissions

One aspect that will determine the proper functioning of Zoom on Android is the permissions. When you open the app on the phone, we are asked to grant a series of permissions so that the application will work normally on our device. If any of the permissions have been removed, for whatever reason, it will influence the operation of the application. This is something that could be applied, for example, to the microphone permission, which if it has not been given, will not work.

This is something that will not be changed simply by activating the microphone in Zoom, but we will have to manage the app permissions in the device settings. If you’re using the app on an Android phone or tablet, you need to follow these steps to manage these permissions:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Go to the Applications section.
  3. Look for Zoom in the list of apps installed on your device.
  4. Tap on the app.
  5. Go to the Permissions section.
  6. Check that it has all the permissions it needs to work.
  7. If it lacks any permission (such as a microphone, or video…) grant the app that permission.


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