How to change region in Apple ID and App Store

How to change region in Apple ID and App Store

What do I need to change region in Apple ID , and what difficulties can you face? What about purchases in the App Store? Will data be lost from iCloud storage? Let’s start with why you need to change your Apple ID region at all.

Why change your Apple ID region

The oldest reason is the appearance of your country when it was not yet in the system . Those. before, everyone was sitting mainly in the American region, and after the appearance of the regions of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, people began to move.

Although now, as practice shows, it will not be superfluous to keep an American App Store account with you in order to download some application.

The second reason is moving or a long vacation in another country. The bottom line is that not all App Store apps are available in every region (for example, local banks, delivery services, and taxis).

And here it is not necessary to change the region, but it is easier to create another Apple ID ONLY for the App Store . In this case, your old Apple ID will be used on the iPhone (contacts, correspondence, photos, videos, notes, etc.)

For example, Belarusians connect a Russian Apple ID to access all music in Apple Music. Plus a cheaper subscription.

The third reason is that there may be problems with linking bank cards . In Russia, you can now link phone numbers to pay for a subscription (Visa and MasterCard are blocked).

What to do before changing your Apple ID region

If you spent money directly from the card, then you do not need to do anything about finances. But if you replenished the balance from gift cards, then it must be reduced to zero (buy a couple of ringtones) or a minimum (minimum purchase price, no more than 1$). And then contact technical support through the Apple Support application.

You also need to cancel all active Apple subscriptions (see below).Settings – Profile – Subscriptions).

You need to turn off family sharing if it was connected (see your Apple ID profile settings).

What not to be afraid of when changing the Apple ID region

What you definitely should not be afraid of is the work of the Apple Pay system . For example, I have an Apple ID of one region, and a bank card of another country is linked to Apple Pay. Everything is in order – these two systems do not intersect in any way.

All purchased apps will remain when you change region, EXCEPT for purchased music or movies that are NOT available in your local region. Those. it happens that content is not distributed in all regions.

All your data in iCloud will not be lost anywhere . Even though you turn off your iCloud subscription for more space. All this place is reserved for you (approximately 1 month). Then you can link a bank card of a new region and pay for the iCloud subscription again.

Apple allows you to change the region, regardless of which region you are currently in.

But you have to accept the fact that the entire Apple Music library will be lost. Those. you need to somehow “fix” all your playlists and favorite groups. Plus, the recommendation mechanisms will need to be re-formed.

You will also need a bank card of the local region (where you are supposedly moving) to link to your Apple ID. You’ll also need a local address, but that’s easy to google.

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How to change region in Apple ID and App Store

To change the region on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch , follow these steps:

Step 1. Let’s go to  Settings – Apple ID – Media and purchases – View – Country or region – Change country or region.

Select a new country and agree to the terms.

Step 2. Choose your payment method and address.

To change region on Mac or Windows :

Step 1 . Open the Music app on Mac or download the iTunes app for Windows.

Step 2. From the top menu (top row of iTunes), select Account settings, view my account.

Step 3. Sign in with your Apple ID. On the account information page, select “Change country or region”.

Step 4. Choose a new country.

You can also change your region online at . Log in, go to your personal details and select Country/Region.

And then follow the instructions on the screen.


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