How to contact Facebook: all possible options

How to contact Facebook: all possible options

Facebook was born with the aim of facilitating communication between people, establishing contacts and meeting new people. However, communication is not always smooth when a user tries to contact Facebook . What a paradox.

When we come across a problem or a question that we want to resolve regarding this social network, we realize that there is no telephone number to call or an email address to write to. What to do then?

In this post we are going to analyze the different ways that exist to be able to contact the Facebook support service. As you will see, the different forms of contact may vary depending on the nature of our query. For that reason we are going to divide the ways of contacting into two categories: Those available for private users and those that are designed for companies and professionals.

If you are a private user

Through the web, but also by phone or even WhatsApp. These are the ways you can contact Facebook:

Facebook has a help service where we will be able to find solutions and answers for many of the most common problems. This page is conceived as a kind of manual divided into large thematic areas:

  • Account settings.
  • Login and password issues.
  • Security and privacy issues.
  • Marketplace.
  • Groups.
  • Pages.

Although it is not a contact in the strict sense of the term, the Facebook help page is going to be the ideal tool to solve our problems in the vast majority of cases . And in the case of not finding the appropriate answers, it is also possible to communicate our problem to Facebook in the corresponding section, so that they can help us.


Yes, there is also a way to contact Facebook by phone. The contact number is this: +1 650 543 4800. Of course, we must bear in mind that we will not find a human being on the other side of the line. It will be a recorded speech that will guide us through the contents of the social network to help us solve our problems.

Important: This service is only available in English.


This may be a more streamlined alternative. The number to write to is the same (+1 650 543 4800). We can send our messages to him to transmit complaints and claims, but also requests and suggestions.

Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

The fact of contacting a social network like Facebook through others like Instagram should not surprise us. After all, they are both owned by Mark Zuckerberg .

In the case of Instagram , there are two ways to do it: through direct messages or through a Linktree link that is displayed in the account’s profile biography.

Facebook also has an official Twitter account , with which you can connect through direct messages.

Finally, contacting Facebook via LinkedIn is possible, although generally we will only receive answers to queries related to job search and other professional reasons.

If you are a professional or company

In the event that we are using the social network for professional purposes, Facebook also offers us some more specific forms of contact:

Business help page

Facebook offers a help portal for businesses . Its operation is similar to that of the help page for individuals, although with a content more oriented to professional activities. Using the search engine we can find the issue that concerns us and find a solution. These are some of the contents that the page itself highlights:

  • Help with account manager.
  • Problems with restricted accounts.
  • Creation of a commercial administrator.
  • Access to pages from the business manager.
  • Advertising restrictions.

Much of the doubts of the companies that work with Facebook revolve around the issue of advertising. For this reason, within this help page there is an extensive section dedicated to this topic. To resolve these issues, we must select the ad account and access solutions to the most diverse problems: My ad account has been disabled, my ad has been rejected or is still pending review, my ad account has been hacked, etc.


Having a company account offers us the advantage of being able to contact Facebook through a chat. This option is not available for a normal user account. To access this chat you have to go to the following link and log in with your company account.


Despite all the contact tools that Facebook puts at our disposal, it is still difficult to find someone of flesh and blood who will get on the phone to answer our questions and resolve doubts. In any case, we must take advantage of the resources that exist, which will be of great help in most cases.


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