How to control an Android mobile from a PC

How to control an Android mobile from a PC

Many users want to know if it is possible to control an Android mobile from a PC . As many of you already know, the answer to this question is yes. There are ways in which we are going to be able to control our smartphone from the computer, something that can undoubtedly be of great interest to many users. This will give us a wide range of possibilities, as you can imagine.

Since we are going to be able to carry out a multitude of actions from the computer, which will then be carried out or executed on the mobile. This can help make using the phone much more comfortable at all times. If you want to know the way in which you can control a mobile from the PC, we are going to tell you more below.

Control an Android mobile from a PC

This is a process that will be possible through various applications . There are good options available for Android phones today, which we will tell you about now. In this way, when you want to be able to control an Android mobile from your PC, these applications will make it possible. The functions that can be performed are something that can vary between applications, but we will tell you everything in detail below. This way you will be able to choose the app that best suits you and what you need. Whether you are looking for a remote use or in the same location.

This is possibly the best known app with which to control an Android mobile from a PC. Many of you may even use it or have used it in the past. This is an app that has been on the market for many years, but has been able to evolve clearly, introducing more and more functions. So it is still the best option that we can use in this regard. In addition, it is something that will work with each brand of phone on Android, an important detail to take into account.

To be able to use it, you have to install both the app on Android and its app on the computer. The Android app is available for free on the Google Play Store. While the application for  Windows, macOS, Linux or Chrome OS can be downloaded for free through its website . The Android app is available at this link:

Price: Free

Once we have downloaded and installed the TeamViewer Host application on Android, we must use our TeamViewer account data to register the device and always have it at hand in the desktop app. When using it, we have to grant the application the permissions it asks for , such as accessibility. These are essential permissions for this app to work on Android, so you have to give them at all times.

One of the advantages of this app is that it doesn’t matter if the two devices are connected to different networks. We will be able to use it at all times, remotely, so if the phone is in another place than the PC it will not be a problem. In order to use it, the steps we have to follow are the following:

  1. Once we have installed and run the desktop application on the PC for the first time, we must enter our user account data.
  2. To connect to the device,  we double-click on the device and go to our smartphone then.
  3. On our smartphone,  the message “The application will record or project all the content that appears on the screen….” will be displayed. Then click on Allow to continue.
  4. Then we go to the computer and begin to interact or perform actions on the mobile.

The first time they connect they must be nearby, because this use permission must be granted. Then, if we keep TeamViewer in the background on Android, we can control the mobile from the PC remotely, even if both devices are thousands of kilometers away. So it’s a good option if you wanted to control your mobile remotely, it’s one of the few apps that give us this possibility.

Your Windows Phone

This second option is intended for users with Samsung mobile phones . For a couple of years, the collaboration between Samsung and Windows has been very close, so they have their own app with which it is possible to link the PC to a mobile of the firm, in order to then be able to carry out various types of actions. This application is Your Telephone, which has been incorporating new functions frequently in the last two years.

The app allows us to connect the mobile to the PC without cables, they have to be connected to the same WiFi network at all times, yes. Once connected, with the Your Phone app we can carry out various actions from the PC. Since we can open applications on the mobile, answer or reject calls, see the files on the phone or modify contacts, for example. This means that we are going to control said phone from the computer in a fairly simple way.

It doesn’t give us as many options as TeamViewer , for example, apart from being limited to Samsung phones. But for users with mobile phones from the Korean brand, it is something that may be of interest. In addition, it is an application that is constantly updated, so there are more and more actions that can be carried out from the PC. So surely with each new update there will be something new that we can do.


Vysor is another well-known name in this field . Another application  to control an Android mobile from a PC with which we are going to be able to control the mobile from a PC in a really simple way. Of course, this application will ask us to activate UBS debugging to be able to use it. So this is something to keep in mind when using it on Android, because many users do not have this debugging activated on their mobile. You’ll need to do this first before you start using the app.

Let’s download the app on Android, available for free on the Google Play Store , and then download the app for  Windows, macOS, or Linux . Next, we connect the mobile to the computer and run the application. There is also a paid version that will give us more options in its operation. Since the free version of the app leaves us with low video quality, although for some specific actions it may be enough. If you want better quality and more usage options, then you’re going to have to pay for a subscription or pay for the full app.

Vysor works in a similar way to others like TeamViewer , so you won’t have any problems in this regard. The app leaves us with the main functions when it comes to controlling the mobile from the PC. So it is a good alternative to this app, in case you were looking for something that is different, for example. Of course, the fact that you have to pay to have better video quality is something that makes many not bet on this application on their computers.


We finish with another well-known application with which to control the mobile from a PC. This is an app that has been gaining a foothold among Android users. It is known above all for being an app that we can use for free, in addition to not having purchases inside. So you don’t have to pay anything to be able to use it on the phone and on the PC. Both the Android app and the Windows app that allow us to control the device are available on GitHub . The app is also available for other operating systems such as macOS and Linux, it can be downloaded from the same link we have provided.

One of the keys to this app is that it will work both wired and wireless . So users will be able to choose the method they want to control their phone from the computer. The operation in both cases is going to be identical, although some preparations have to be made depending on what has been chosen, as you can imagine.

If you want to use the wired version, you’ll need to enable USB debugging on your Android phone first . Something that will be possible by having developer permissions on the mobile, so keep this in mind. To use it without cables, both the phone and the PC must be connected to the same WiFi network, so it is not something that we will be able to use remotely. In addition, we are going to have to previously download ADB, since we are going to use it to configure our mobile device with the PC. This means that a somewhat longer process has to be carried out. It is an app that requires certain knowledge of ADB to use, so it may not be the best option for some users on the operating system.


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