How to Edit PDF Files on Mac

How to Edit PDF Files on Mac

In this article, we’ll show you the best apps available both on and off the App Store to edit PDF files on Mac. You can also take a look at the article we published a few days ago where I showed you how to edit PDF on iPhone .

If you usually work with PDF files, chances are you are already using the application that best suits your needs. If not, or if you’re looking for an app to edit PDF files on Mac, you’ve come to the right article.

Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to editing this file format. Some users just want to annotate, underline text, add shapes… while other users, especially those who use it professionally, need to edit documents, add images, replace existing ones.

No matter what your PDF editing needs are, here are the best options, both free and paid.

How to Edit PDF Files on Mac


If you need to work with PDF files, they are not very high , you can try all the options offered by the native macOS Preview app.

With the Preview application we can add notes, insert documents or images that we scan with some of our devices (iPhone, iPad…) and add them as new document pages, add shapes and arrows, and free strokes, add text fields. ..

It also allows us to extract pages from a document (by dragging them onto the desktop), sign documents from the trackpad from our iPhone or iPad, rotate the pages together or individually, and add a password to:

  • The document cannot be printed.
  • The selected document text cannot be copied to the clipboard.
  • We do not have the ability to insert, delete or rotate pages of a document.
  • We also don’t have the ability to add annotations or captions.
  • In addition, we will also not be able to fill in the existing form fields.

If you usually use the Preview app to resize images and add other annotations, you have already checked how all the options available for images are also available for PDF files, adding the ability to add a password.

Professional PDF

Professional PDF Mac

more than interesting application, completely free of charge in the Mac App Store for editing PDF files, is found in PDF Professional, an application that allows us to edit files as well as create them from other formats.

It also allows us to add annotations, sign documents, fill out forms, add marks, underline text, add shapes, split files, merge multiple PDFs into one file…

The application offers us a design very similar to what we can find in iWork, with a menu bar located on the right side of the application. You can download the Professional PDF application completely free of charge from the following link.

This app requires macOS 10.13 or later. If your Mac has not been updated to this version, then you should try the rest of the applications that we will show you in this article.

PDF professional annotations, captionis free


It not an application designed to edit PDF files on Mac, however, it includes a fantastic feature that allows us to recognize the text of PDF files when we import a file.

This way, as soon as we open a PDF file with Inkscape, we can modify it and save it again as if it were a new document, or overwrite the document we have opened.

For some unknown reason, although Photoshop also allows us to edit PDF files, it does not include a system responsible for recognizing text fields, so we cannot use this fantastic Adobe tool to edit PDF files.

The Inkscape application is available as a free download through the following link .

PDF Expert

pdf expert

If your PDF needs are professional or related to your work environment, the best application you will find on the market that does not include a subscription (you only need to buy the application) is PDFExpert.

Almost since its launch, PDF Expert has become the best application for editing and modifying (among many other features) PDF files in its own right. In addition, it also allows us to create PDF forms, a feature that is available in very few applications.

PDF Expert: Edit PDF is available from the Mac App Store for €79.99. There is also a mobile version that offers us almost the same professional features but requires a monthly subscription.

Before purchasing an app, we can visit their website and download the free version to see if it meets all our needs.

PDF Expert: Edit PDF79.99 €

Acrobat Pro

Acrobat Pro

PDF format was created by Adobe. Since Adobe is the creator of this format, it obviously offers us an application for creating and editing files of any type in this format. It offers us practically the same functions as in the PDF Expert application , but, in contrast, we have to pay for a subscription to be able to use it.

Adobe changed its business model a few years ago, adopting a subscription model as the only way to use all of its applications (Photoshop, Premiere, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator…).

We can only contract to use the apps we need, not necessarily pay for all the apps. If we are going to take advantage of all the applications that it offers us, we will also have 100 GB of storage in the cloud.

In the case of Acrobat Pro, the monthly fee (at the time of this article’s publication) for using this application alone is 18 euros per month if we are contracting for 12 months, or 30 euros per month if we are hiring independent months. We can test the app for free for 30 days to make sure it meets our requirements.


Another interesting application available on the Mac App Store is found in PDFElement, an application that offers us almost the same features as PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat and only allows us to get the most out of it if we pay for a subscription.

The monthly subscription cost is cheaper than what Adobe offers us, however, it does not offer us all the features that Adobe Pro offers. If you have special needs when editing or creating PDF files, you should try the free version of both versions before making a decision.

PDFelement – PDF and OCR editoris free


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