How to fast forward or rewind in TikTok videos

How to fast forward or rewind in TikTok videos

Liked a TikTok video and want to rewatch one of its snippets? Here’s how to go forward or back directly to it

Whether to get inspired and make your own content or just to have fun with other users’ recordings, there’s no shortage of video options on TikTokIf you’re the type that always keeps an eye on the platform, know that it’s now possible to go back to a part of the video that you liked, without having to rewatch it in its entirety. Here’s how to move forward or backward in TikTok videos, making the most of the app.

Choosing a video clip

If you’re a regular TikTok user, you’ve probably been “stuck” in a video on the platform, watching the same recording looping dozens of times. In these cases, it was common for a problem to arise when you didn’t want to watch the entire video from the beginning, as there was no option to rewind or speed up for a specific part of the recording.

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Recently, however, the platform has made available a bar that allows you to go back and forth to any of the moments in the video, as many times as you want. The option is not yet available for all users and not for all recordings, but in those where it appears, it allows much more freedom to watch your favorite moments of the service.

Tiktot video Fast forward

How to fast-forward a TikTok videos

To find out if your profile already has the function released and understand how to use it, follow the steps:

  1. In your TikTok feed, scroll to view videos as usual;
  2. If the new tool is released, a white bar, almost transparent, will appear at the end of the video, between the recording and the buttons on the lower menu;
  3. Not all videos have the bar yet, so you may need to scroll a few times to find it;
  4. When you find the bar, notice that there is a white dot that advances through the bar as the video progresses;
  5. Tap on the white button, keeping your finger pressed, and drag it forward or backward, leaving it on the part you want to watch.

Okay, now you can fast forward or rewind the recording as many times as you want. Good fun!


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