How to hide friends on Facebook

How to hide friends on Facebook

Nowadays, we are all connected through social networks, on the internet. Although it is clear that in social networks we only upload the private content that we want to show to others, not all privacy is always respected . For example, that your own social network shows your friends to other people.

Therefore, if you don’t want the whole world to gossip about your friends, here we are going to show you how to hide friends on Facebook.

There are several settings about your privacy on Facebook. That said, the default setting is that anyone, who is not blocked from you, can enter your profile and see your friends list. As a rule, most people don’t mind this, but chances are you have someone on your Facebook that you don’t want anyone to know about.

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So we are going to tell you how to hide friends on Facebook. And to make it easier for you, we will explain how to do it from your smartphone and from your computer.

How to hide friends on Facebook from your mobile

It does not matter if the operating system of your mobile is Android or iOS , here we are going to explain it to you for both. Once you open the app on your mobile, look for the icon with three horizontal lines:

  • On Android OS, it’s in the top right corner.
  • In the iOS operating system you will find it below, on the right.

Tap on the nut-shaped icon, the one next to the magnifying glass. And now follow these steps:

  1. Settings and privacy
  2. Audience and visibility
  3. How others can find and contact you
  4. Who can see your friends list?

However, if your phone is iOS, you have to go into Settings in order to access Account Settings. Yes, we are in your account settings , there are many options, but you have to enter privacy . There is a drop-down with several options about your privacy, and this is where you can choose what information about you will be seen by anyone who enters your profile.

In fact, one of the options is Who can see your friends list?, which, as we mentioned at the beginning, is determined as public. That’s where you can change it to only your friends, friends except a few, or just you. Now, you will get a list where you can choose who you want to be able to see your friends list.

How to hide friends on Facebook from your computer

  • From the computer we do not have as easy access as from the mobile. So go to your browser of a lifetime, and log in to Facebook. Once inside, look at the top bar, specifically on the right. Next to the notification bell, there is an arrow pointing down, click on it and you will get among all the configuration and privacy options , click on the configuration option again . Now that you are in the configuration panel, follow these steps:
  • Select the Privacy option , in the column on the left
  • How others can find and contact you
  • Who can see my friends list?

By default it is set to public , to change it you have to click on edit. If you look closely, the default option is in a blue box, and if you click on it you can see the rest of the options that exist. The options that give you a choice of who can see your friends list are:

  • Public. All Facebook users.
  • Friends. Only users you have on your friends list.
  • Friends, except acquaintances.
  • Just me. Any user other than you will not be able to see your friends list.
  • Personalized. You can choose to hide Facebook friends from specific people on your list.

Clicking on some of these options will automatically configure it to what you want. However, if none of these options appeal to you, head over to More Options. Here you can choose that your friends list is only visible to users from your city, acquaintances, your family or other users from your same job. In fact, the settings for Acquaintances and Family can be chosen for each person specifically.

But without a doubt, if you are looking for a configuration that totally adapts to you, that is the custom one. Once you enter this menu, you can select the group or groups with which you want to be able to see your friends list. And if you look further down, there is another option that says do not share withthere you can specify which users you do not want to see your friends list, even if you are in the same group with which you have decided to share your friends list. We give you an example, you can share your list of friends only with the group of friends, but you do not want to share it with your neighbor in town, so you can choose that person not see it. The village gossip is over.

In short, the main difference between hiding Facebook friends from your smartphone or from your computer is that you don’t have the custom option on your phone, to personally select who you want to hide Facebook friends from and who you don’t. The only option is the groups that are already configured by the platform itself, still not bad at all. I hope this information has been useful to you.


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