How to know if a Samsung is original

How to know if a Samsung is original

There are counterfeits of almost everything, and technology is no exception to this problem. Mobile devices are one of the most counterfeited devices given their high number of sales and potential market for criminals. Among the most coveted and counterfeited brands is Samsung. For this reason, if you have suspicions as to whether what you are holding in your hand now is an original or a fake, you should know how to know if a Samsung is original or a fake. And it is not easy at all, since counterfeiters take more and more effort to make it complicated, and it cannot be distinguished with the naked eye. This, together with the number of campaigns on social networks and on suspicious websites that exist with phishing to try to catch customers and scam them, has become a major problem.

It is estimated that almost 500,000 mobile units are counterfeited worldwide every year. These fakes usually come from China. And one of the most copied brands is Samsung, with around 30% of the copies, followed by the iPhone with almost 8%, OPPO and Xiaomi would come later with almost 5%, Huawei would stay around 3.5%, and the rest of the brands would represent more than the remaining 40%.

Possible problems with counterfeits

Having a counterfeit device in your hands could involve some problems and risks, for that reason you should determine how to tell if a Samsung is genuine or not. Among the problems you may have are:

  • Legally, for having bought a fake without knowing that it is a copy, you should not have problems. Anti-counterfeit trademark laws are geared towards the production, distribution, and sale of these counterfeits. However, buying counterfeit products can infringe on the designer’s intellectual property rights, although when one of these counterfeiting schemes is discovered, it is not usually the buyer who is targeted, but whoever has been profiting from it.
  • On the other hand, you will lack guarantees or technical assistance of the original service. Even if the mobile looks identical, and even if you paid the same, that does not entitle you to access those privileges from the original manufacturer.
  • You will also not have official OTA updates to the operating system.
  • It could pose security risks if it has been tampered with.
  • You have paid more for a product that is not really what you think.
  • It will not offer you the benefits that the original model offers you.

On the other hand, these types of scams are associated with a loss of the money you have paid for these counterfeit devices. In some cases it could be recovered, depending on the payment method used and the law of each country. But in general, it cannot be recovered, since the scams are carried out in such a way that it is difficult to trace the offender or they are carried out from countries with more lax laws in that regard. In addition, sometimes it is more tedious to report the scam than the money that has been lost, and finally, it is not reported.

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How to know if a Samsung is original

Here are some tips to be able to detect if it is an original Samsung mobile or a counterfeit one :

  • Look at the screen: the finish, brightness of the panel, and even the dimensions of the screen/frames of a mobile device could alert you that you are dealing with a counterfeit in 70% of cases. If you notice anything strange about this, like the screen, doesn’t look as big as it should, or it has a dull brightness, etc., you may have purchased a fake.
  • The logo can be a giveaway – it’s also important to look out for, as sometimes fakes don’t have it and the original does, or the logo may look slightly different. You should also check if it appears when you turn on the mobile since the manufacturer’s logo appears in the originals. In counterfeits, nothing may appear or a different logo may appear.
  • Thickness and weight: if you have a ruler and a scale, you can measure these parameters and compare them to see if they match the original. In case there is no correlation, you will be facing a fake.
  • Battery: if you can open the mobile since the new models do not usually leave, you can see if the battery is the original one, or if other components are what your Samsung should have. For example, if the chip is from the brand that it should be and not from another (remember that the original Samsung can be sold with Samsung Exynoss chips and also with Qualcomm Snapdragon, both are normal).
  • Recovery Mode: You can press and hold the volume + buttons and the power button for a few seconds until the recovery menu starts. If it does not appear, it is very likely that you are dealing with a fake.
  • Camera: You can see the camera buttons, if they are the same as the original app should have, and even the quality of the images. If you see that a mobile offers a 48MP camera and you can only take 12MP photos, for example, it is almost certain that you are dealing with a fake.
  • Technical specifications: you can download some app to see the technical specifications such as AIDA64, CPU-Z, CPU-X, etc. They show a large amount of hardware and system information that you can compare with the technical sheet of the original Samsung mobile model on the web. If they match, it is most likely an original.
CPU X : Geräte und System info


  • Finishes: the quality of the finishing materials, the texture, and the design can also give away some copies. Take a good look at every detail, as it could be very illuminating. For example, if your Samsung mobile has a plastic casing when the original model has a glass one, the location of the camera sensors, buttons, sides, etc.
  • Software: You can go to Settings, System, see the system information, and see if the installed version and kernel correspond to the original one. It’s also easy to spot some fakes since they don’t include One UI, which is Samsung’s customization layer…

These tips are not only for the Samsung brand, as it is not the only brand that is counterfeited. They could also be used for other brands, which can also be the target of counterfeits, although to a lesser extent, given the fame and prices of the South Korean brand.


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