How to prevent mobile phone overheating

How to prevent mobile phone overheating

Summer is here and with it the high temperaturesDevices usually go up to various degrees, both due to dissipation and dust in general. For many of them, the best thing is that they have a cleaning from time to time, and with this, they manage to improve significantly throughout these months.

A device that also raises the temperature during this season is the mobile phone, it usually does so for various reasons, including the use of the cover, dirt, as well as other factors. We explain how to avoid overheating the mobile, giving you tips and some tricks so that they dissipate better.

Avoid direct sunlight

sun bike

The mobile phone is usually used anywhere, sometimes we do it without thinking that if it is hit by direct sunlight it can heat several degrees. The temperature will cause it to heat up in a good way and thus affect the general performance.

Always try to find a shady place, either on a roof, an umbrella, or a place where the sun does not reach directly to avoid any mishap. If you usually use a cover, it will not make the terminal better able to dissipate heat, if you use it in a firm place, it is best to remove it.

Exposure to the sun has never been good for any device, neither is it for the phone, which tends to suffer and heat up, including the battery. To avoid overheating the mobile, it is always best to find a cool place that has a fan or air conditioning.

Use the cover when you are not using it

phone case

It is not one of the best allies when it comes to dissipating heat, the phone is usually a little cooler if you do not use any, especially those rigid and leather. The silicone ones do not usually get too hot, but it is also advisable to remove them if you are going to play with the phone or make excessive use.

The covers usually protect the device, but if you do not see any danger, it is best to remove it and start using it without it. The covers in winter usually work well, but the same does not happen in June, July, and August, months where the heat increases to 35-40 degrees.

The advice of the experts is that if you do excessive use, it is best to remove the case, and put it back if you are going to do the typical thing with the phone. Smartphones at the end of the day have a good life with a case, but it is not always positive that they use, not so much in summer.

Charge the device on a surface that dissipates heat

Not all places are good for charging the phone, if you do it in bed with a blanket, on a cloth, or on another surface that does not dissipate, it will take on a high temperature. The best advice is to find a cool place, such as a piece of furniture, the floor, or a surface that does not give off much heat.

Imagine putting the mobile directly on a blanket, the degrees go up once a few minutes have passed, plus it will overheat as there is no air passing through. The best advice is to look for a place where it is usually calm, near the fan or the air conditioning itself if you have it nearby.

Wooden furniture is also good to maintain the temperature at which it is, try that the cable is not too tight and that it is enough to be put in the charging place. The mobile at the end needs to be placed in a position where it is best placed and in a cool part.

Beware of background apps

background apps

Excessive use of apps causes the device to overload and end up in higher than normal performance. Check those applications in the background, we usually have a lot open and we don’t know the battery consumption, which ultimately affects the phone.

Always start those that you usually use daily, the others are usually left over, but above all, leave the messaging tools, social networks, or lack of them if you do not usually use them. Try opening specific ones if you don’t have too much RAM or storage.

To gradually close apps in the background, do the following on Android:

  • Start the device and go to “Settings” on your device
  • Go to “Applications” and then to “All applications”
  • Click on one of the ones that you have open and you are not using it, click on “Force detention” and it will become closed
  • Another trick is to go to Settings – Phone information and click on “Build number”, press seven times in a row to access developer options
  • Once you have access, look for the option «Limit background processes» and choose the one that says «No background processes», limiting all apps, except those important to the system, it is advisable to open only the applications that are important, among them WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, among others that you use daily to work with them

Lower the temperature of the phone if it gets hot

turn off mobile

The best remedy, if it has overheated, is to turn off the mobile phone, this will prevent the mobile from overheating excessively and will prevent it from having major problems. The battery is an element that tends to get hot and a lot, in this case, try to make it last as long as possible with the correct charges.

The heating of the components will damage the mobile phone, if you turn it off for a reasonable time of 20-25 minutes it will drop significantly. The terminal sometimes also needs to be restarted so that open processes go into the background and close immediately.

Also, try not to download applications that promise to lower the temperature, none lowers it even though they promise and swear, that none of those are in the Play Store. Applications are software that ultimately works for many things, but they do not have the function of a fan or air conditioner.


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