How to recover deleted photos and videos via

How to recover deleted photos and videos via
How to recover deleted photos and videos via

Have you accidentally deleted a photo or video you want from your iPhone or iPad? If you are using iCloud storage and less than 30 days have passed, then you can easily recover your photos and videos through the iCloud website in any browser.

iCloud is a cloud storage integrated into iOS, iPadOS and macOS. You can safely store your photos, videos and other files on Apple servers. Any changes made on one device are automatically synchronized on the others. This is convenient, but many do not have enough free memory and have to pay extra for storage.

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Below we will talk about how to recover deleted photos and videos.

How to recover deleted photos via

Your device must have iCloud Photos enabled for the method to work. The iCloud site can be opened on any device through any browser. This could be a PC, Mac, or even an Android device.

  1. First, open in your browser . Enter your Apple ID information and click the arrow to sign in to your account.


  1. The iCloud home page opens. Select Photo .


  1. Now select Recently Deleted from the menu on the left.


  1. Here you will see all your deleted photos and videos from the last 30 days. Select the desired photo or several by holding the left mouse button and dragging the cursor. You can also hold down the “Ctrl” key and mark each photo with the left mouse button. When the photos are marked, click Recover in the upper right corner.

That’s all. now you know how easy and fast it is to recover photos and videos through

Once you restore files on, they will appear on all your devices, which is very convenient.


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