How to set Focus mode on iPhone and iPad

How to set Focus mode on iPhone and iPad

I consider the Focus Mode feature to be a cool feature of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, thanks to which you can upgrade your desktop, set up automation and become more productive.

In this article I will tell you how to set Focus mode on iPhone and give useful tips.

Focus mode function

The function itself is cross-platform. When you turn on focus mode on one device, it automatically turns on on all other devices, including the Apple Watch. and Mac

You can make the function work only on one device. To do this, go to the focus settings and disable the “Accounting for all devices” item.

This is very convenient when you let your child play with the tablet, turning on the Child focus mode, and the mode is not activated on other devices.

The focus status itself is displayed in the menu bar as an icon.

How to Set focus mode on iPhone?

Open Control Center. If you just tap on the “Focus” icon, then the default Focus Mode is activated – “Do Not Disturb” (this function cannot be changed yet).

You can select an already configured focus mode, or create a new one.

Focus Mode can be launched via Siri using the phrase “Siri, turn on Do Not Disturb Focus Mode.”

Also, focus modes can be launched automatically based on any conditions. For example, time schedule or geolocation.

Focus mode on Apple Watch

On the clock in the Control Center, find the Do Not Disturb mode icon, tap on it – a list of all modes will open.

In the system settings of the watch, there are additional focus settings. Here you can enable / disable the repeat from the iPhone, i.e. activation of the same mode as on the smartphone.

Or go to a specific mode and add a new schedule by time and day of the week.

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How to create focus modes?

You can add a new mode from the Control Center by tapping on the focus icon. Or go to Settings – Focus – Add.

When adding a new mode, there are pre-made templates, or you can set your own new focus mode.

When creating a new plan, there are the following basic settings:

  • the name, color of the icon and the choice of its content;
  • allowed notifications from people – add contacts from whom we want to receive notifications or calls;
  • allowed notifications from applications – add programs from which we want to receive notifications.

Ready. Our focus mode settings – it will appear as a separate item among all modes.

A number of settings are available for focus mode:

  1. Focus Status – Displays the selected status in iMessage. When people see your status, so as not to disturb you.
  2. Home screen. Here you can enable / disable the numbers on the application icon if there are notifications from it. And also select the screens that will be displayed when the focus mode is activated. For example, when activating the “Games” mode for a child, you can create a screen with games and display only it so that the child does not go anywhere else.
  3. Lock screen – whether to dim the screen when focus mode is activated. And whether to display notifications on the lock screen.

In addition to manual activation, you can set the automatic activation of a particular focus mode. See option Auto Power On – Add Schedule or Automation.

Here you can add:

  • schedule by time and days of the week;
  • by geolocation on the map (Apple Maps are used, they are not very convenient);
  • launching a specific application.
  • Smart activation. Automatic activation of focus modes based on an analysis of your behavior. The thing is comfortable, but accurate only after a month of use (while it is in training mode).

Focus mode automation

A huge number of automations can be set up using the Teams app. We launch the application.

Step 1. Create automation for yourself.

Step 2 . We choose a condition, there are a huge number of them. For example, Wi-Fi when the phone connects to the home network (when you come home). Or Bluetooth when you connect to the radio in your car.

Step 3 Add an action.

Similar automation can be done with focus modes. For example, when connected to a working Wi-Fi, put the phone in Work focus mode.

With the above tutorial we believe you can set Focus mode on iphone, Apple watch and iPad now without issues.


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