How to stream to YouTube from iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to stream to YouTube from iPhone, iPad and

Want to start streaming on YouTube? This article will show you how to start stream to YouTube from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or computer.

Stream to YouTube From iPhone and iPad

Here are the official requirements to create a YouTube live stream from your iOS, iPadOS, or Android device:

1) Your YouTube channel must have at least 50 subscribers.

  • Important: While only 50 subscribers are required to be able to live stream on YouTube, your stream is limited and only visible to a limited number of viewers. Also, after you stop streaming, it will default to private settings . Once you have more than 1000 followers, the above restrictions will not apply.
  • Creating a YouTube channel can be quite fast, but it will take time to get the first subscribers.

2) Your YouTube channel must be verified.

  • This means that you must go to a special page  and confirm your phone number and one-time password. It’s simple.
  • After you verify your YouTube channel, you can stream live from your mobile phone. In addition, passing verification also allows you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, add custom thumbnails, and appeal Content ID claims.

3) Your iPhone and iPad must be running iOS 8 or higher.

4) Your YouTube channel must not have live streaming restrictions in  the last 90 days.

5) You must enable live streaming on YouTube. And even after enabling live streaming, you may have to wait 24 hours to start your first YouTube live stream. Going forward, however, live streams will start instantly without waiting. If live streaming is not enabled for your account, you will be prompted to do so.

6) For a decent YouTube live stream, you should connect your iPhone or iPad to a reliable Wi-Fi or cellular network (3G, 4G).

Stream to YouTube from a mobile device

Once you meet the minimum requirements, here’s how to start streaming to YouTube from your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone:

1)  Open the YouTube app and click the  plus button  .

2) Select  Start broadcasting.

3)  Give  the name  and  description of the live broadcast. You can also adjust privacy settings.

4) Click ” More Options ” and follow the on-screen instructions to schedule a live broadcast, or click “Advanced Settings  to enable, monetization, etc.

5) Click Next and set the live camera thumbnail or upload your own thumbnail made in advance.

6)  When everything is set up, click START LIVE to start streaming YouTube from your mobile phone.

7) Click the cross ( X)  >  End Broadcast to stop the broadcast.

How to Record Your Mac Screen (macOS)

Stream to YouTube From Mac or PC

To stream with your webcam and microphone through your computer, you need to use the latest version of the Google Chrome or Firefox browser. If you want to stream games or use multiple cameras and microphones, you need to set up a special encoder, as described in the instructions on the official website.

How to Live on YouTube from Mac or PC:

1) Go to and make sure you are signed in with your account.

2) Click the plus camera button in the top right corner and select  Start Broadcasting.

  • Important.  If it says “The live streaming feature is temporarily unavailable,” click ” Enable “. Next, it will say: “To broadcast from a computer, confirm your phone number.” Click Verify and complete the phone verification. After that, return to the previous screen, and most likely you will see “You can go live in 24 hours. You submitted a request on [ date and time ]. While it is under review. Once enabled, you will be able to host and schedule broadcasts.” After this waiting period, you can start live streaming instantly.
  • Important. If you see a window asking you to upload your avatar and enter some basic information, then you haven’t created a YouTube channel yet. Upload an avatar and enter your name, after which you will most likely have to follow the recommendations from the previous paragraph.

3)  Choose when you want to go live – right now or later, and click  “Start “.

4) In the “Select how you want to go live” section, click Select next to “Via built-in webcam”. Allow the browser to use your webcam.

5) Enter your stream details – Title, Description, Category, Thumbnail, Playlist, Audience, Rating, etc. You can also click Expand to add tags and episodes and view advanced settings. After that, click ” Next  ».

6) Customize your broadcast for yourself. You can enable or disable stream monetization, select chat mode, set who can send messages and message delay options. Click Next  .

7) Set access to the stream – open, limited, only for sponsors or by link. You can then schedule a start time for the stream, or leave the current date and time to go live now. Click Done .

8) View the preview of the broadcast and click START LIVE.

To end the broadcast, click End Broadcast at the bottom . After that, you can click  “Edit” to edit the record of the past stream.

We’ve shown you how to live stream to YouTube from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC using the YouTube app and website. You can also use third-party apps like Live Now – Live Stream to stream live to YouTube and other services from your iOS device.

Remember to follow the YouTube Community Guidelines so you don’t get banned from your channel.


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