How to use iPhone as a mouse for Mac and Windows

How to use iPhone as a mouse for Mac and Windows-870x490

Welcome to another great post as today we will be going to be discussing how you can use iPhone as a mouse for Mac and windows PC that is cool Right. The iPhone can do a lot more than just make calls, like it can be used as a mouse for your Mac. In this article, we’ll show you how to do it.

With a dedicated iPhone app, you can use iPhone as a mouse fo Mac. The Remote Mouse app turns your iPhone’s touchscreen into a neat touchpad to move your cursor around your Mac desktop. What’s more, it can turn iPhone into a comfortable keyboard.

It’s worth noting that the Remote Mouse app is available in a free version with ads and a paid ad-free version for $2. iPhone connects to a computer via Wi-Fi or cellular.

The article also collected other similar applications.

How to use iPhone as a mouse for Mac

Step 1. To get started, download the Remote Mouse app on your iPhone. Also, download and install the software on Mac or PC.➤  Download

Step 2: Make sure your iPhone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Step 3:  Now launch the software on your Mac or PC.

Step 4: Then open Remote Mouse on your iPhone and click Start .

Your iPhone should instantly connect to your computer. Just in case  , enter the IP address of your PC or Mac manually by clicking the  search IP icon. After pairing your computer and iPhone, you can use your phone as a mouse or trackpad. The on-screen keyboard included with the app is also suitable for typing without a keyboard.

The Best Apps to Use Your iPhone as a Mouse 

1. Mobile Mouse Remote

Mobile Mouse Remote is a popular app to transform iPhone into a trackpad, remote control and keyboard for Mac and Windows devices. Notably, it also supports the Apple Watch. Thus, you can manage media content with the watch. For example, control your music player, flip through photos, or browse websites. In addition, you can also use it to send content from your computer to iPhone and make calls through your computer using iPhone.

The Mobile Mouse Remote has a clean interface and a macOS-style dock that makes it easy to navigate. The app costs $2, and to support Bluetooth and USB, you need to buy an extended plan.


2. FullControl: Remote for Mac 

FullControl is designed to get the most out of your iPhone and iPad as a remote control. It provides specific commands for each application so you can get the job done faster. In addition, you can customize the commands for yourself.

Another thing worth noting about FullControl is its powerful file browser and automatic server discovery feature. With quick controls, you can turn off, restart, and hibernate your Mac, as well as manage your music . The app is free to download, but the pro version costs $2. 

➤  Download

3. Remove Mouse and Keyboard Lite

This is another multifunctional application that allows you to turn your iPhone into a mouse and keyboard for Mac and PC. The application has an intuitive interface. Wi-Fi is used to connect to a computer, and the application also works with Apple Watch. 

In terms of functionality, it is universal. You can use the app to launch programs on your Mac, turn off the display, activate  Siri  , and even create custom keyboards to control certain apps. While you can get it for free, unlocking all the goodies in the pro version will require you to shell out $2 per month.

This versatile app allows you to launch programs on your Mac, turn off the display, activate Siri, and create custom keyboard shortcuts for different apps.

The app is free, but a $2/month subscription is required to get full functionality.

➤  Download

These were the most popular apps to turn your iPhone into a handy mouse, trackpad or keyboard for your Windows or Mac computer.


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