Problems with Excel? See how Repairit can help you!


When Excel has problems, we think that all data is lost. But know that there is a solution! Meet the Repairit tool.

Excel has become a very well-known and essential program in many people’s lives. Whether for personal or professional activities, Microsoft’s spreadsheet editor is the reference. But like any good program, it is not always possible to run away from problems with Excel.

It is common for errors to start appearing when using Excel, sometimes it can be a problem when opening the program itself, a spreadsheet or that famous “file corrupt” message.

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There are solutions for each of these problems, and Repairit is the software we recommend the most for that!

Meet Repairit

Repairit is a program made to repair corrupted photos and videos. Despite its initial function, this program is also capable of repairing Excel files .

Specialized in repairing files and data, Repairit is a complete and ideal tool for those who want to escape the stress of wasting hours and/or days trying to recover their damaged files.

With an intuitive and dynamic interface, the Repairit software can be used by everyone, even people who have never used a similar tool. In addition, in a few minutes, the program recovers and repairs your files.

So, in simple steps, Repairit can repair Excel problems that you face.

Most common problems in Excel

There are several problems with Excel that can be solved with Repairit in no time.

In this article, we have brought you the 3 most common problems found in Excel and how to solve them with Repairit so you can understand how this program works in repairing files.

1. Corrupted file

One of the most dreaded messages for Excel users is receiving the “file corrupt” warning when trying to access a worksheet, chart or table.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s publisher does not guarantee that failures like this will never happen and it is certain that at some point your files may become corrupted. Hence, we recommend Repairit as a solution to repair corrupt Excel file in seconds.

This failure can occur because of a virus or bug in the system, Excel malfunction or even the wrong shutdown of the computer.

Using Repairit, you can recover your data by accessing the software’s menu and adding the corrupted file to be recovered in it. Then, just click the “repair” button and the program will start the recovery and repair process.

In seconds, your file will be repaired and can be saved any way you like!

2. File does not open

We know how distressing it can be to open Excel and then get a warning that the file cannot be opened, which is also a way to have a corrupted document . For this problem, Repairit also has a quick and practical solution!

This message can appear due to a corrupted or invalid file format, as well as due to a simple extension conflict supported by Excel, which only recognizes XLS and XLSX formats.

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Whatever the reason, Repairit’s expert software can help. With the file added to the “file repair” menu, click “repair” in the lower right corner to recover your data.

You can also preview each file before saving and/or exporting it from Repairit.

3. Unreadable file

One more of the problems with Excel that you might face is getting the message that one of your files has unreadable content.

This readability error can occur due to complete or partial corruption of the Excel file. Or even, your file has been damaged and the program system no longer knows how to access it as before.

Microsoft system itself offers file repair option but this solution has a chance of failing to fix the error and result in total loss of your data.

Fortunately, with Repairit you can repair your file and recover your data without fear.

As with the other problems, to recover your unreadable file just add it to the Repairit menu, click the “repair” button and wait for the software to recover your data instantly.

With the recovered data, you can preview your file, save it and export it from Repairit wherever you want.

These are some of the problems with Excel most faced by its users, and as you can see, Repairit is a tool capable of solving each of these errors.

With this software, you don’t have to despair when you receive warnings similar to this one. In three simple steps you can get your data and files back!

Ready to solve the problems with Excel using Repairit?

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