How to remove an object from a picture using iPhone

How to remove an object from a picture using iPhone

Welcome to this beautiful guide post as we will show you the fast smart way to remove an object from a picture. You have probably had cases when unwanted objects got into the photo that spoiled a great picture. To prevent this from happening, you can use the portrait mode on the iPhone , which blurs the background behind the main subject. But if it already happened that an unwanted object got into the frame, then it can be easily removed from the photo via the iPhone or iPad.

So how do you get rid of unwanted elements in an image? The iPhone does not have a built-in tool to remove objects from a photo. Unlike Google Pixel 6, for example, we have to use third-party applications to remove unnecessary elements from a photo. In the article we will talk about the Photo Eraser application, which is suitable for removing objects from photos. The app is free at the time of writing.

How to remove an object from a picture using iPhone

Step 1: First, download the Photo Eraser app on your device and then open it. ➤  Download: Photo Eraser

Step 2: Now click on the big image in the center of the app’s main screen.

Photo Eraser

Step 3 : Then select the image you want to remove the object from.

Step 4: Select the Object Removal tool (the index finger icon) in the upper left corner of the screen and adjust the size of the removal brush so that the necessary details of the photo are not included in the removal.

Photo Eraser picture loaded

Step 5: Then you need to drag your finger over the unwanted object several times until it is completely erased.

Step 6: After you have hidden all unnecessary objects, click the Play button located at the bottom right corner of the interface to remove unwanted objects.

Photo Eraser Object Marked for removal

Step 7: The app will instantly remove objects from your image. Click the Share button at the top and select Save Image.

save options for Photo Eraser
save options for Photo Eraser

That’s it, the object has been removed. Now go to the Photos app to check the picture you just saved.

save options for Photo Eraser

Of course, the removal is not ideal, artifacts may remain in the place of the former objects. The best way to remove objects is in photographs with a solid background.

You can also try using another similar application – Object Removal.

I believe with the above guide how to remove an object from a picture using iPhone will not be a problem to you anymore.

We hope that Apple will add a similar feature to their photo editor in the future.

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