The 10 Best High Schools in Virginia

Marshall High School (Falls Church, Virginia)

Virginia is one of the greatest states in the US for raising a family because of its thriving economy, accessible healthcare, and rich history. Is it then a surprise that it offers fantastic educational possibilities as well?

Young people have many possibilities to learn from the world outside this state’s borders even though they are safe there. Virginia, one of the oldest states in the union, has a rich history that functions as its own classroom, instructing its citizens via everyday existence.

Tourists and residents alike can travel back in time in Colonial Williamsburg and experience life as it was in the early years of the birth of America. Teenagers can engage in a variety of fun, healthful activities on the weekends, such as hiking through Shenandoah National Park, touring Arlington Cemetery, or having fun at Busch Gardens.

There are countless options for learning in Virginia, but few are greater than the extensive education available through the state’s strong educational system. Even though raising a teen can be challenging, parents can feel secure knowing that their children are attending one of the best high schools in Virginia.

We have prepared a list of the 10 best high schools in Virginia, in no particular order, after researching every area of secondary education. Due to their selection as one of Virginia’s top high schools by prestigious publications—the sources for which are included at the bottom of the school—we chose these institutions.

To learn more about any of the best high schools in Virginia, continue reading.

The 10 Best High Schools in Virginia

Marshall High School (Falls Church, Virginia)

Without the exceptional efforts of its top-notch faculty, Marshall High School would not exist. Recently, some of these professors were honored statewide for their unwavering dedication to teaching in the midst of a widespread pandemic.

One of them, Matthew Hanlon, a teacher of French, stood out from the rest to win the title of greatest secondary educator in “region 2.” Additionally, he advanced to become one of the top five finalists for the title of the state’s top secondary teacher!

One of the teachers at Marshall High School that encourage learning via the development of wholesome relationships is Mr. Hanlon. Mr. Hanlon makes things interesting and learning enjoyable by giving kids the framework they need to achieve and by implementing a demanding curriculum.

Other nominees in the most recent round of awards include Darrell General, who was nominated for the best custodian, and Olivia Tate, who was nominated for the best new teacher in the state.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Alexandria, Virginia)

The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is a four-year, full-day program that offers students the same experiences as a typical high school while they concentrate on a crucial field of study. It is fully financed by the Virginia Department of Education.

This school currently holds the best national ranking for college preparedness and is ranked first in the state! They have the greatest graduation rate in the entire nation, which is very significant.

Despite being a magnet school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology offers countless options outside of the usual math and science classes.

This high school, which adheres to the philosophy that the greatest education is balanced, reserves eighth period specifically for clubs, athletic events, or study hall. By doing this, they provide their students better control over their life, time, and education.

Students have 180 clubs and organizations to choose from to join during this time, all of which aim to teach students a new skill or motivate them to pursue a different field of study. The Philosopher’s Club and the JRR Tolkien Fellowship are only two of the many opportunities available to students to keep them engaged and happy in their studies.

James Madison High School (Vienna, Virginia)

Students who attend Madison High School discover a place to belong in a boarding school that genuinely values the art of education.

Eighty percent of all students take at least one AP exam while attending this school, and a commendable seventy-two percent of students pass at least one exam.

This is particularly amazing given that, nationally, less than 65 percent of all students who take part in AP exams achieve such accomplishment.

Madison High School hosts charitable events and guest lecturers to encourage students to consider life after high school. Recently, acclaimed author Ted Dintersmith, who attended this particular school, visited the children.

Ted has found success since his own time spent in these halls by discussing and writing about the high school experience and visualizing what school can actually be. He conducted interviews with both instructors and students for his documentary team on the ideal high school.

Langley High School (Mclean, Virginia)

Langley High School, the second institution on this list to be part of the thriving Fairfax Country School System, takes pride in the fact that, when its graduates cross the stage, they are ready for whatever that life may bring them.

2020 saw Langley High School get one of Great Schools’ prestigious College Success Awards, joining other top institutions. This honor, which is given to a select few of our country’s schools, denotes that a certain institution has gone above and beyond in terms of preparing students for college.

As the third-best college in the state in terms of college readiness, they are still working to build on that history today. With a total enrollment of little over 2,000 students, Langley High School retains all the benefits of a much larger school without sacrificing its small-town atmosphere.

With a student-teacher ratio of seventeen to one, classes remain small, allowing each student to feel heard and seen.

McLean High School (McLean, Virginia)

McLean High School currently boasts a breathtakingly high graduation rate of 99%. This is in part because of their commitment to making learning enjoyable and interesting.

The McLean administration takes satisfaction in highlighting all parts of a student’s experience, including their involvement in the arts.

The theater company won several prestigious awards during the most recent theatrical season, including Best Play, Best Sound, and Best Hair/Makeup. This group was not the only one who experienced the warmth and welcome of the school, according to a recent survey of parents.

Eighty-six percent of parents said they thought the school accepted families from all racial and cultural backgrounds. Whatever the student’s hobbies, McLean High School goes above and beyond to make them feel supported, valued, and encouraged.

Open High School (Richmond, Virginia)

Open High School was founded in 1972 as a public alternative school, and it has since gained recognition and a solid reputation.

It currently holds the fourth-best school ranking in Virginia, according to US News, and boasts a startling 100% graduation rate. Despite being a new school, it has already produced a number of well-known graduates who credit the school for their success.

Before going on to even greater educational accomplishment, Anne Holton, the secretary of education for the state of Virginia, initially trod these hallways as a young girl.

Aimee Mann, a famous rocker, and contemporary artist Noah Scalin are among alumni.

Open High School provides a public school experience with the personalized atmosphere of a private school in a large city. This secondary school, which has about 200 students, strives to keep class numbers as small as possible while encouraging students to collaborate as they prepare for their upcoming college educations.

This school supports encouraging children to be autonomous, self-directed learners and thinkers.

Oakton High School (Vienna, Virginia)

Oakton High School (Vienna, Virginia)
Oakton High SchoolOakton High SchoolCC BY-SA 4.0

The staff at Oakton High School goes above and above to show their love for the community; it is more than simply the sixth-ranked high school in the state of Virginia.

Oakton High School runs The Oakton Pantry as a sign of support for the student body and the neighborhood. Anyone in need can receive food, hygiene products, or even household cleaning materials here for free and without discrimination.

This high school is devoted to making Vienna, Virginia, an even better environment to raise a family and stands proudly for its neighborhood.

Vienna was recently recognized as one of the safest cities in both Virginia and the nation.

W.T. Woodson High School (Fairfax, Virginia)

W.T. Woodson High School made substantial steps to ensure college readiness and to establish its significance in the center of its community, which helped it win a spot on the top ten list.

The school administration goes above and beyond to engage parents in communication, releasing a weekly newsletter that highlights the challenges and successes of their student population. Parents may quickly find out about the numerous activities and events that this high school organizes right here.

The College and Career Readiness Center is constantly busy with events, ensuring that students are aware of every deadline and scholarship opportunity as they prepare for their college careers.

By offering evening lessons to adult students, this institution continues to strengthen the neighborhood during the evening hours.

Richmond Community High School (Richmond, Virginia)

Richmond Community High School works to foster a culture where each student has the resources necessary to excel in their chosen field. They allocate time in the day for twice-weekly club periods in addition to the usual sporting possibilities.

Students are encouraged to join any of the numerous organizations offered on campus during this period, whether they are interested in poetry, robotics, debate, fitness, yearbook, or something else entirely.

Only success brings about this assistance. Students from Richmond have pursued their goals in other colleges across the nation for years.

TK Johnson, a member of the class of 2018, followed her passions to the Berklee College of Music.

She has been busy touring the globe, appearing on television, and living the life she first imagined as a student at Richmond Community High School ever since getting her diploma there.

West Springfield High School (Springfield, Virginia)

West Springfield High School ensures that every student gets the support they need to achieve in everything they do, from the arts to crafts.

The possibility to have a literary piece published in The Symposium, this school’s exclusive, award-winning literary magazine, will excite students who are interested in pursuing careers in the arts, whether through writing or sketching.

West Springfield High School allows students the opportunity to submit their writing for consideration for publication, giving them a taste of what a college environment may be like.

Instead, it goes above and beyond to assist kids who intend to enroll in trade school or enter the essential American workforce after graduation.

West Springfield High School extends an invitation to former students who overcame the difficulties of trade school to return and speak to first-year classes about how they went about obtaining this level of certification.

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