The Best Dental Schools in Tennessee

The Best Dental Schools in Tennessee
Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry (Nashville, TN)

Dentists are in charge of identifying patients’ dental issues. Students must complete the advanced coursework and clinical training required for professional practice to become dentists. To make a diagnosis, they remove cavities, fix broken teeth, and look at x-rays.

Patients’ dental health is encouraged using a range of tools, such as x-ray machines, drills, scalpels, and scanners. Every dentist has a unique practice; some work in well-established facilities while others open their own facilities. These specialists can concentrate on a variety of specialties, including anesthesia, head and neck illnesses, braces, and surgical procedures. Graduates of dental schools might work in research or instruct students in addition to practicing dentistry.

Dentists must obtain a license in the state where they will be working before they may begin to practice. A doctorate in dental surgery or dental medicine from an authorized program is necessary for this. Dental colleges not only grant degrees but also train graduates to pass written and clinical tests.

Anesthesia, anatomy, periodontics, and radiography are among subjects that dental students take curriculum in. Dental schools also give students the opportunity to gain clinical experience working closely with patients under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. Students pick up necessary abilities including leadership, problem-solving, dexterity, communication, and attention to detail through a range of activities.

Here are the best dental schools in Tennessee, as ranked by their acceptance rates according to BeMo. These specialists have a median annual salary of $164,000 due to the substantial education and training necessary to practice dentistry. As the population ages and oral health is linked to general health in study, demand for dentists will only grow. There are about 6,800 dentists and more than 2,500 dental offices in Tennessee. Two dental schools, namely UT and Meharry, are available to students wishing to attend school in the state.

The Best Dental Schools in Tennessee

1. Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry (Nashville, TN)

The goal of the Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry is to provide dental professionals for the community. Meharry University is a leader in the fight for universal access to high-quality healthcare and is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service.

In order to achieve the goal of global health equity, the institution accepts a broad group of applicants who exhibit a dedication to service. Whether they work in the military or private practice, many alumni focus on giving care to the underprivileged after graduating. As one of only two historically Black dental schools in the US and a lighthouse for marginalized populations, Meharry fulfills the founding father Dr. Hubbard’s dream.

The community that Meharry is committed to serving as well as its reputation and capacity to stay current with new developments have both increased. The dental department accepts about 60 students each year out of the over 2,000 applications it receives.

Every Meharry student is aware that they must build on the accomplishments of their predecessors. As a result, the school offers a wealth of possibilities, a supportive setting, supportive professors, and a supportive campus that are all committed to their success. The same basic science prerequisites must be learned by first-year students through the School of Medicine, according to the curriculum’s strategy. This useful strategy, in use for almost a century, promotes professional interaction and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Over 40 student groups are available to dental students. These associations, which promote camaraderie and individual development, include the American Association of Public Health Dentistry, the American Association of Women Dentists, the American Dental Education Association, and numerous others. The Ewell-Neil Dental Research Society aims to increase faculty and dental students’ academic appreciation of oral health research. Within the dentistry school and surrounding institutions, the organization offers jobs and research opportunities. The 300+ members of the society continue to advance professionally even after graduation thanks to a lifetime membership guarantee. Student groups give students the chance to improve their leadership skills and take part in social events, cultural activities, and employment chances in addition to job options. Each dental student can find something to interest them, from special interest groups to service organizations.

The Nashville campus of Meharry was created with the consideration of both students and neighborhood residents. The school has plenty of room for study, housing patient clinics, research labs, teaching facilities, and instructional activities. Each module also has offices, waiting areas, and x-ray facilities for teaching purposes. For education and consulting, seminar rooms are available. Many Tennessee citizens can receive dental health care from the school thanks to the campus layout.

The NIH, federal agencies, and other sponsors provide Meharry with millions of dollars in research funding each year to help it achieve its objective of extending lifespan and good health. The department’s primary research areas include endodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, restorative dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and oral diagnostic sciences.

The institution makes sure that research training is completely interwoven with its academic programs by encouraging students to conduct research. A well-known resource in the country, the Dentistry Center of Excellence is renowned for its capable clinical curriculum and research capabilities. The facility focuses on significant scientific areas, including diabetes and oral biology. Additionally, the facility offers underprivileged youngsters educational opportunities through outreach, service delivery, and educational activities.
The School of Dentistry has placed all of its graduates in the last five years, thanks to the remarkable resources and possibilities available to students. This include pursuing jobs, post-doctoral programs, and more education.

The graduates can also attest to the school’s commitment to broadening diversity in the dental profession. For instance, 40% of practicing African American dentists received their training at Meharry, with the vast majority of them working in underprivileged areas. Dentists are able to practice professionally thanks to the National Board of Dental Examiners certification exams, which serve as an indicator of student learning and achievement. 82% of Meharry graduates who take the exam succeed on their first attempt on average.

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2. University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry (Memphis, TN)

The UT institution of Dentistry, one of the earliest nationwide and the oldest dental institution in the southern US, was established in 1878. The institution has made it a priority to offer top-notch professional, graduate, and post-graduate education since it was founded. Additionally, UT is renowned for its cutting-edge dental research and community involvement, which improves the general health of the Memphis area.

Basic sciences like biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, histology, and anatomy are studied by dental students. Later years include learning more complex subjects like dental radiography and pain management. Clinical courses take up the final two years of the dentistry curriculum. After taking technical courses that connect the fundamental sciences to clinical practice, students can treat patients’ dental needs while being supervised by faculty Clinics.

To give dental students the finest education possible, UT makes use of the most recent technology. To improve learning, an innovative dental simulator called DentSim was incorporated into the preclinical curriculum. Suction tips, high-speed handpieces, and patient mannequins are all present at the 40 workstations. The device can give feedback when trainees are honing their skill while it is being monitored by the technology. Critical dentistry skills can be learned in a more personalised, efficient, and practical way as a result.

These business ties open the door for creative, clinically oriented, patient-focused research. For instance, in collaboration with dental product development firms, UT undertakes clinical product studies for eventual usage on patients. The goal of the dentistry research done at the University of Tennessee is to enhance patients’ quality of life.

Improvements in oral health are made worldwide using innovations from both academics and students. Grants from the government, municipal governments, and businesses fund their activities. Students at the College of Dentistry are also engaged in research, with interests ranging from stem cell biology to appliance sealants. The biennial Hinman Student Research Symposium showcases the studies conducted by dentistry students across the department.

Students at the University of Tennessee have a variety of opportunities to connect with faculty members and other dental students through these groups. Students have the chance to grow personally and professionally through involvement in honor societies, research teams, fraternities, governing bodies, and other student organizations.

The Student National Dental Association works to encourage the enrolment of minorities in dental programs around the country. Additionally, they support providing oral health to everyone, particularly the underserved. Dental students plan events in the neighborhood to inform and engage the general population. The Student National Dental Association encourages students to discover their love for volunteering and to hone important interpersonal skills.

At the UT College of Dentistry, students have access to a variety of financial aid options. For new and continuing students, there are more than 75 prizes available, both need-based and not. These awards are determined on the background, interests, and accomplishments of the applicants.

Each year, a dental student who has shown leadership is granted the Doris Costello Bowyer Memorial Leadership Award. The recognized person has demonstrated their exceptional skill, whether it is through involvement in student clubs or on-campus activities. Along with recognizing professionalism, the grant also honors students who have a favorable impact on their teachers and fellow students.


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