TikTok, this is the social network that combines Musical.ly, Instagram and Vine


It is the most downloaded application worldwide by iOS users. TikTok is much more than a social network for uploading videos . The one that was the direct competition of Musical.ly ended its rival in the simplest way, with a checkbook.

With more than 100 million downloads in the Google application store , today, it’s time to analyze this phenomenon, test the application, and tell you everything you need to know about the social network that gathers millions of teenagers around the world every day.

TikTok: if you have rivals, buy them

On August 1 of this year, Musical.ly became part of TikTok , and Bytedance Technology decided to unite both services into one, after purchasing Musical.ly for almost $ 1 billion . Users of this app saw their data migrated to the TikTok application, an application necessary to continue using their accounts.

The change was announced on YouTube, and Musical.ly users were warned of the migration. A change that seemed not to like at first , but that has not affected the application figures at all, which has continued to grow in users from August to today.

Combining Musical.ly and TikTok is the best way to share the two experiences to create a community where everyone can be a content creator. Alex Zhu, co-founder of Musical.ly and Vice President of TikTok

The objective of the union was to centralize both applications owned by the same company, bringing together the millions of users from one and the other, and creating one of the largest communities ever seen on a social network. 

How TikTok Works

TikTok is a social network that combines the essence of Instagram, Vine and Musical.ly. The application is completely free , and can be downloaded from the Google application store, the Apple App Store and the Amazon application store. We are facing a main feed in which we will find the recommended publications for us, as well as those of those users that we follow. When we access a public profile, we can see the number of followers and the number of hearts obtained . These come to be the equivalent of likes on Instagram, the way users have to demonstrate that the video in question has been to their liking.

TikTok repeats the formula for Instagram success, fast content, from multiple users, and a source of likes or hearts if you know well how to ride it

One of the main sources of income for TikTok is in-app purchases , which will allow us to buy virtual gifts to send to other users. A simple operation that we have already seen more than once, and that repeats the formula for success: quick content, from multiple users, and a source of likes or hearts if you know how to mount it .

What to do on TikTok

When browsing the main feed , we found short videos, mostly small music clips . Residually we find the odd humorous video, which brings us that memory of what was once Vine. Beyond these testimonial videos, TikTok is a compiler of short clips with young teens singing their favorite songs at fast speed . And this is one of the attractions of Musical.ly, now merged into this new platform, accelerated videos .

These are videos recorded with the song quite delayed, so that our voice can fit in with it as the video accelerates later. If you do not know what we are talking about, here we leave you with an example .

When accessing the video recording menu, we find several options to do it, the most popular being fast videos. We can add different effects to videos , activate a timer, add filters, change the duration of the video … The interface is simple and intuitive, easy to understand by anyone.

The TikTok video interface is simple, it allows you to access all the options without the slightest problem, and invites you to create content.

At the top, we find the list of songs that we can add to the videos , quite well categorized by viral trends, global hits, musical genres … Apart from this, we can add songs and sounds directly from our phone, so the possibilities are practically infinite.

User Profiles

The average TikTok profile is the young American teenager , although the application’s success is global. We find, as we said previously, the username, the profile picture, the followers and followers of the person, and the hearts obtained. Below, we have a space where a brief biography is housed . It is possible to enable notifications to inform us when said person uploads content, as well as send private messages , to have a conversation with said person.

Within the profiles we have the videos, with a format quite similar to that of the direct ones on Instagram . We can leave comments within it, these will be public and can be valued with hearts. These videos can be shared on our social networks -Instagram, Instagram Stories, WhatsApp, Facebook- …

We also find reactions in the purest Facebook style , as well as the possibility of inviting the person to do a duet with us, or to bookmark the video. In short, the interface and way of creating content in TikTok are well thought out and invite you to interact with the application .

Tiktok’s overwhelming success, from a psychological perspective

What has invited us to write about this application has been to see the figures that it has . It ranges between the first and second most popular applications in Spain, and has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play. Teenagers want social networks in which to express themselves and generate content from which they can receive feedback , and TikTok is an ideal tool to do so.

It is a social network that checks practically everything that young people require of this type of service. It is free, it has a nice interface, it is easy to use, the content is shared immediately and the feedback is received in the same way . We can communicate in public or in private, follow our references … Everything a teenager asks for is on TikTok, for better or for worse.

The success of social networks like Instagram or TikTok over Facebook or Twitter is based on the immediate rewards and the creation of that character that we want to show. You upload the photo, you get the likes immediately, it is a very powerful stimulus for the brain, although it does not have the same value for all users, because each one has their own learning history.

Although there are studies showing the negative consequences for mental health in adolescents from social networks, from a behavioral point of view it is quite simple to explain their success. The brain is programmed to be gratified by immediate rewards, so we can literally go crazy for likes, upload a photo and at the moment hundreds or thousands of people saying they love it, your brain likes this more than your friends your photo.

This, obviously, is an explanation Grosso Modo, ignoring the factors of social construction, previous history of the individual and personality factors of the same, but it is clear that the quick content to consume works and if not, take a look at what succeeds in television or media like YouTube.

TikTok therefore knows how to attract the younger generation , renew itself and avoid competition, creating a monopoly on this unrivaled concept, short videos with music . An interesting proposal that attracts millions of daily users, and that generates enormous benefits for a company that is knowing how to manage its success.



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