Top 10 Apps for Apple Vision Pro


The Vision Pro helmet was released in the US with its own App Store, and more than 600 optimized applications are already available for it. In this article, we will share the 10 best apps for Vision Pro.

Top 10 Apps for Apple Vision Pro

  • Spatial Cam (Free) – With the Spatial Cam app, you can see your iPhone’s camera feed in the Vision Pro headset. The app can be connected to your ‌iPhone‌ and then monitor the image from its camera from a distance. This is ideal for keeping an eye on children or pets. You can see the camera image in a separate window while simultaneously doing work and other things.
  • Juno for YouTube ($4.99) – There’s no official YouTube app for the Vision Pro, so the Juno app is a great alternative. It has an interface more suitable for Vision Pro than the web interface in Safari. The app also has features for creating a home theater experience. Juno contains bugs, as well as advertising from YouTube.
  • Crouton (Free, in-app purchases) – Crouton is a recipe management app. It allows you to save recipes from the Internet, from cookbooks, etc. You can conveniently view recipes while cooking, and also add timers for cooking. The app says you shouldn’t cook while wearing the Vision Pro helmet, but the many convenient features make it tempting to break that rule.
  • Blackbox ($19.99) – Blackbox is a game where you interact with various elements to enjoy the visuals and sounds on the Vision Pro. The game allows you to truly experience all the capabilities of the Apple helmet. The game is under active development and more levels will be added soon.
  • Spatial Symphony (Free, $6.99 Pro version) – Spatial Symphony allows you to visually interact and create music. You can control sounds with hand movements.

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  • NowPlaying (Free, in-app purchases) – You can connect the NowPlaying app with Apple Music to enjoy your music completely. The application beautifully displays album covers, song lyrics, facts about artists, etc.
  • SynthRiders (Apple Arcade) – SynthRiders is a rhythm-based game where you match the colors on your hands with the balls that come at you. All this must be done to the rhythm of the music. The game is similar to Beat Saber and others like it.
  • FloatNotes (Free) – FloatNotes is a free app that lets you stick sticky notes anywhere in your space.
  • Shortcut Buttons ($7.99) – With Shortcut Buttons, you can create buttons to quickly perform various tasks. They can be placed anywhere and launched by touch.
  • PGA Tour Vision  – Golf fans can consider different hole designs on the PGA Tour. The application also has a rating with scores, videos, etc.


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