Are you going to travel in the new year? See tips for saving


Traveling in the new year is wonderful, isn’t it? There’s nothing better than starting the year getting to know a different place and recharging your energies. However, the concern of many people when it’s time to pack their bags and set sail is the expense that will be accumulated throughout the trip.

Know that it is possible to enjoy the tour well and still make the money yield. An economical trip is not synonymous with discomfort, as well-done planning can mean lower-than-expected costs, preserving your budget. We brought some tips to help you with this task. Read on!

1. Choose a cheaper destination to travel in the new year

The first step to saving money is choosing your destination. Make a list of places you’d like to visit and research the values ​​for each one. To be considered economical, the destination must offer options for accommodation, food and tours at affordable prices.

There are lesser tourist towns that offer options for all budgets, while some famous spots are just more expensive due to the greater number of people who know them. Therefore, choosing less traditional destinations can be a great option to reduce expenses, escape from very crowded places and still have a memorable experience.

2. How to spend little on car travel? And the plane?

If you are going to travel in the new year by car, the tip is to do a good planning before putting your foot on the road. Define routes avoiding tolls and choosing the best route options, giving preference to shorter routes, without neglecting your safety. Everything depends on a good analysis.

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If you prefer to travel by plane, a lot of research is needed. To find cheaper tickets, the ideal is to research well in advance, assess when is the best time to invest in the destination you want. Compare flight prices, track promotions and participate in miles programs to get discounts.

3. Opt for alternative accommodations when traveling in the new year

Hostels are very economical options for those who don’t mind sharing rooms and, in some cases, even bathrooms, with other travelers. But anyone who thinks that this modality is only for adventurers is wrong: in some establishments it is possible to find comfortable private rooms that are cheaper compared to hotels.

Another good option is renting apartments , flats or even houses, via apps and websites. This type of accommodation is usually more economical and, normally, the more people accommodated, the cheaper it will be, a perfect scenario for trips with family and friends. In addition, you can have more flexibility in negotiating the amount and payment methods.

4. Buy food and make your meals

Renting houses or apartments when traveling in the new year also helps you save on another aspect: food. It might not seem like it, but food can also have a big impact on the total value of a trip. We know that tasting the local cuisine is one of the most important experiences during the tour, but for those who are concerned about traveling cheaply, exchanging lunches or dinners for trips to the market can lower costs.

Buy food and make your meals
travel in the new year

Just rent houses that have a stove structure and household items and you can have some meals and socialize with the other people who are staying with you, having moments of great fun and private.

It is noteworthy that several coastal towns sell seafood at very low prices. If you are going to travel to the beach on New Year’s Eve, as soon as you arrive at your destination, find out about sales carried out by the local community.

If you really want to eat out, avoid restaurants near major tourist attractions, as they tend to be expensive and sometimes the quality isn’t great.

5. Free tourist spots

Most destinations offer free tours and attractions to enjoy. In some, the main tourist attractions of the cities do not charge admission or offer special conditions. There are countless beaches, monuments and historic places spread across Brazil that you can enjoy without having to put your hand in your pocket.

Include in your itinerary some squares, museums and local attractions that are open to the public, so you save money and still have the chance to explore the culture of the place.

6. Watch out for purchases

Watch out for purchases
travel in the new year

When traveling in the new year, manage your money well when you are at your destination. Avoid spending on unnecessary purchases that were not foreseen, such as souvenirs for the whole family at tourist points. Look for cheaper options that refer to the place you visited. 


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