How to use Spotify on two devices at the same time?

How to use Spotify on two devices at the same time?

How to use Spotify on two devices at the same time?   Spotify is the most used streaming platform worldwide, with more than 155 million Premium subscribers that gives you the option to play content on more than one device, in addition to having your own playlist.

In this post, we will tell you if you can use your Spotify account on two devices at the same time , either because you want to use a Speaker or because you want to share your music content with a friend, colleague or family member.

If you want to know how to use Spotify on two devices at the same time , be sure to read here.

How to listen to the same music on several devices at the same time?

To be able to listen to music on different devices you must have a Premium user account , which will allow you to share your profile without any difficulty. Well, Premium accounts offer the user the possibility of sharing their account with up to 5 devices, however, only two devices can listen to music at the same time.

Although, there are some exceptions to the above scenario that will allow you to play the songs you want on multiple devices in the same period of time.

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Connecting with another nearby device

To listen to music at the same time on a nearby device, you must:

  1. Enter the Spotify application and play the song you want to listen to on your device.
  2. Enter the general view and access the ” OPTIONS ” section, here you will locate the icon that will allow you to connect to the device that is closest to yours. This is located in the lower left part of your screen and is represented by ” A SPEAKER AND A MONITOR “, this is its icon.
  3. Then, a list will be displayed with the devices close to yours so that you can synchronize and thus achieve the ” SHARED PLAYBACK “.

So you can get two devices to play content from a single Spotify account at the same time.

Start a group session

Starting a group session offers a variety of more comprehensive features to be able to play music on multiple devices with the same Spotify account . Now, for this you must:

  1. Start a group session on the SPOTIFY platform .
  2. Play the song you want to listen to and select the icon that represents “ A MONITOR AND A SPEAKER ”.
  3. After selection, a new window called “ CONNECT TO A DEVICE ” will be displayed, with a list of nearby devices, it also presents you with an option that says “ START A GROUP SESSION ”, you will find this on the Spotify session code.
  4. Now, on the devices you want to link to your account, you’ll need to scan the session code ( it changes after a few seconds ), so the process should be quick.

After scanning the code, the account owner will receive a notification letting you know when someone joins the group session. Now, the members of the “ GROUP SESSION ” will have to touch the option of “ THIS PHONE ” that is shown in their window.

With the above you can now use Spotify on two devices at the same time without problem.


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