What is Bing Chat with ChatGPT features? How does it work? Features

What is Bing Chat with ChatGPT features
Bing Chat

Microsoft announced this week a new version of its Bing search engine with a new feature called Bing Chat Bing Chat, a new version equipped with the same technologies as OpenAI’s ChatGPT smart chatbot, which allows Bing search users a new experience to get more natural answers to their questions directly through chat, and also provides many other features that facilitate their lives and improve productivity. At work and elsewhere, Microsoft has also announced a new version of its Edge web browser that is also equipped with the same AI technologies, which promises a whole new and better experience for web browsing and searching for information.

Commenting on the launch of the new Bing Search and the new Edge browser equipped with AI technology and Bing Chat, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that this step represents a new era in web search, adding that web search has not changed for decades, as artificial intelligence technologies can now provide information quickly and in a more organized way than the traditional method.

What are the advantages of the new Bing chat search with ChatGPT technologies?

Microsoft said that the new experience provided by Bing Chat combines searching, browsing and chatting together, through a unified experience that can be accessed while browsing the web through many features, most notably:

Better and more accurate search results

The new Bing search engine provides an improved version of the current version, by providing more accurate search results for simple queries such as results, fixtures, stock prices, and weather, as well as a new sidebar that displays natural and more comprehensive answers based on AI technologies.

Complete smart answers

Depending on AI techniques, Bing search can help users find and summarize complete smart answers so that they can get detailed instructions on how to replace eggs with another ingredient in a cake without having to see multiple results, meaning that the search engine will provide accurate smart answers that spare the user from performing many searches to reach the best result.

ChatGPT-style chat search

Similar to ChatGPT, the new Bing Chat search allows the user to get detailed answers to their queries via text chat, allowing the user to ask for further clarification or inquire more to reach the best results, with links to be able to make a decision or execute tasks immediately.

Content Production

In addition to getting better results and searching through chat, Bing search can also help write or create content, so it can help the user write or reply to emails, provide a plan for a week-long trip to Egypt that includes booking links, etc., and can help prepare for a job interview, create a quick quiz, write a tweet about a topic and post it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, and others.

How does the new Bing Chat search work?

The new Bing search with Bing Chat and the experience provided by the Microsoft Edge browser are based on several cutting-edge AI technologies, including a more powerful version of the GPT-3.5 language model based on ChatGPT, the version dedicated to web search, while providing more accurate and faster results compared to the current version of GPT Chat.

Bing’s new research also supports a special AI model from Microsoft that the company calls Microsoft Prometheus, which the company says provides a special way to take advantage of the OpenAI model that it relies on in ChatGPT to make better use of its capabilities, giving the user more relevant and contextual results, while improving security.

What is ChatGPT? How to use it? How to benefit from it?

Microsoft Edge AI-powered features

In addition to providing Bing search with the features of OpenAI GPT chat, Microsoft has provided its Internet browser with Microsoft Edge with new features based on artificial intelligence technologies, most notably two basic features, namely Chat and compose, so that the user can through the sidebar in the browser use the chat feature to request a summary of information in a web page or PDF file, such as obtaining the most prominent information in a company’s financial report, and then requesting to compare this information with a financial report Another competitor company and display it in a table.

Users can also take advantage of the new compose feature in the EDGE browser to help create content, including writing a post and posting it on social networks, as well as the ability to help review texts linguistically and adjust formatting and wording, and the new feature in EDGE can understand the content of any page on the web so that the user can inquire about any information within it and get smart answers.

How to take advantage of the new Bing Chat features and Edge browser? Uses

While the new experience of Bing search engine with Bing chat and Microsoft Edge browser provides countless uses depending on the language model of the chatGPT chatbot, the new features can be used in many cases and uses, most notably:

  • Summarize any web page in brief points: The user only has to use the sidebar in the Edge browser to request a summary of any web page, whether an article, financial report, etc., with the ability to display the summary in points.
  • Compare data with another web page: When summarizing information in a financial report, the user can request that the data be compared with another page containing a financial report for a competing page and display it in a table.
  • Writing code in a different programming language: You can also rely on the experience provided by the new Bing and the Microsoft Edge browser to request conversion or rewriting of code on a page in a different programming language.
  • Plan trips: The new chat search experience can be used to request the creation of a trip plan with booking links and more.
  • Create content for social networks: The user simply has to type one line or keywords and then choose the method or tone and length of the text to create a post to post via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Write long articles or blogs: Bing’s new research can also be easily relied upon to write long articles or blogs on a topic.
  • Write and respond to emails: All the user has to do is describe what they want to send in an email or request a response to an email to get answers in real time.
  • Internship for a job interview: Bing’s new research and experience can also be relied upon to help prepare for a job interview.

When is the new Bing Chat search available with GPT chat features?

The new Bing search with ChatGPT features is now available for preview for a limited number of users through the web, but Microsoft confirmed that it will provide the new search experience to millions of users soon, and confirmed that it will provide the same experience for Bing users through smartphones, whether iPhone or Android soon.

Users who want to try the new Bing search can now register for the waitlist by browsing the Bing.com via the Microsoft Edge browser, and then waiting for an email from Microsoft.

Does the new ping search and the ping chat feature support the Arabic language?

According to the official website of Microsoft’s new bing search engine, the new search experience supported by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that allow answering queries via chat, similar to ChatGPT, supports the Arabic language, as the company provides a set of examples of inquiries that can be answered in Arabic.

How to get the new Bing Search with Bing Chat?

While Microsoft now provides only a limited number of access to the new Bing search experience and the Bing Chat feature supported by Chatgpt features and AI models that it relies on, the company provides a number of steps to speed up the new experience and skip the queue, by visiting the bing.com site, registering for the queue, and then installing Microsoft’s default settings set on your PC, which imposes the Edge browser as the default browser and other Microsoft applications. And then install the Bing application for smartphones, whether iPhone or Android.



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