What is wedding insurance (and what does it cover)?


Wedding insurance is a type of event insurance that protects you against losses that may occur due to various factors such as:

  • unforeseen events that cause damage or injury at a wedding
  • external events beyond your control that may prevent your wedding from taking place
  • extreme weather
  • Issues with the venue or vendors

What Are the Different Types of Wedding Insurance?

There are two types

  • liability insurance
  • cancellation protection

You can also purchase the two in one package that covers both. Before purchasing wedding insurance, always ask the venue if it covers event liability. Wedding event liability insurance can cover various things such as: B. Personal injury and property damage.

You may also need to add Host Liquor Liability Insurance.

” This covers alcohol-related incidents for which you may be held accountable.

7 Things Wedding Insurance Covers

  1. Manufacturer issues (permits revoked, bankruptcy or failures)
  2. People get sick or injured
  3. property damage
  4. extreme weather
  5. military operation *
  6. Lost or stolen gifts
  7. Clothing damage or wedding clothing coverage

Every wedding insurance policy is different and will have different coverage limits or specifics depending on which insurance company you purchase coverage from. The list above is just a guide to common things covered in wedding insurance that you can ask about.

*Military use, for example, may or may not be covered by all wedding insurance policies, but USAA specifically cites this coverage . So be sure to ask the insurance company you are taking out wedding insurance with for the details of the specific limits in the policy to ensure your own specific concerns are “covered”.

What is not covered by wedding insurance?

The insurance doesn’t cover when people get cold feet or pull out of a wedding. The insurance covers things beyond the couple’s control that endanger their event.

Does home insurance cover your wedding?

The insurance isn’t personal insurance, so your home insurance isn’t for a wedding. However, many home insurance companies may be able to offer you driver or event liability insurance and help you get the right coverage for your event.

5 Tips To choose The Best Life Insurance

Home insurance covers your personal liability and property . Check with your home insurance what happens if gifts are stolen or if your grandmother’s necklace falls off your neck during the wedding. These things can be covered but subject to the deductible .

Should You Get Wedding Insurance?

A lot of time, effort and planning goes into the wedding day. A insurance company is familiar with all sorts of issues. If you have a policy, if anything goes wrong, the company has your back and they are covered. The cost of wedding insurance is minimal compared to the cost of the wedding and the risk.

How much does the insurance cost?

Although insurance prices vary, on average, wedding event liability insurance could start at around $175 to $1 million. Depending on the different options and packages, you can look anywhere from $200 to $550.

Example of claims paid by wedding insurance

In a study of travelers from 2011 to 2015, 30 percent of insurance claims were due to supplier issues. Then, in 2017, CNBC cited 40 percent of wedding-insurance claims as being weather-related cancellations. AON, an award-winning provider of insurance under their WedSafe product, released some of their data on wedding insurance claims paid, and in 2017 they paid 40 percent of wedding insurance claims for postponement or cancellation .

Compared to AON’s 2016 data, the claims paid varied, but you can see that insurance does indeed come into play often enough, although the reasons for paying out will change from year to year due to circumstances and weather.

  • 29 percent: cancellation or postponement of the event
  • 28 percent: accident or injury
  • 24 percent: Problems with wedding vendors
  • 15 percent: Venue damage
  • 2 percent: Lost/stolen gifts or personal items
  • 2 percent: clothing damage

When should you get wedding insurance?

You should start looking into insurance as soon as you plan your wedding and have an idea of ​​the venue. Sometimes the location you choose, whether you’re serving your own alcohol or other aspects of your day, will dictate what type of insurance you need.

What to Check Before Buying Wedding Insurance

Understand what you most want to insure against, for example if you have special jewels sewn into your dress that you want to insure, ask if there are any limits to that type of item. Jewelry or special items may not be insured or limited under the insurance.

  • Ask the venue what they cover.
  • Ask your home insurer what they cover or if they can add a driver to your home insurance.
  • If necessary, have your parents contact their home insurance company to ask if they have coverage, especially if they are paying for the wedding or the venue.
  • Compare coverages from different wedding insurance companies to understand what they cover and under what conditions. Then you can make a decision.

You may find that you can have some coverage on your home insurance. For example, you can insure your engagement rings with a driver on your house policy. Some companies even offer engagement ring insurance as a standalone.

It all depends on the different insurance companies and their insurance formulations. So by asking all the important questions, you can ensure that:

  • Don’t overinsure yourself
  • Don’t double-insure yourself
  • Buy insurance appropriate for your big day to protect the important things


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