The 10 Best Acting Schools in Canada

The 10 Best Acting Schools in Canada
Langara College Studio 58 (Vancouver, BC)

Best Acting Schools in Canada: Before beginning your career, it could be a good idea to explore getting a degree in the subject if you have a passion for acting or any other job in the entertainment sector.

Your expertise of the industry will grow as a result of earning a degree from a recognized acting school. It will also help you stand out to possible employers in the future and fortify your CV.

You should take considerable care while selecting the acting school you plan to attend. There are several things to take into account, such as the courses and programs provided, the resources the institution has available to its students, and the standard of the facilities.

For many students, location is an important consideration—possibly the most important one—when choosing the college they will attend.

There are several top-notch acting schools in Canada for aspirant actors who live in the nation and intend to attend college there as well as for those who reside elsewhere but are curious to see what the Great White North has to offer.

The 10 Best Acting Schools in Canada are listed here, along with some general information about each. Continue reading to find out more about the degree programs, opportunities for performing, student resources, and other benefits that these top acting schools offer to their students.

The 10 Best Acting Schools in Canada

Langara College Studio 58 (Vancouver, BC)

Studio 58 is a renowned acting school that began in 1965 as a theater course at the King Edward Campus of Vancouver Community College before relocating to Langara College in 1970. It is called for the room number of the college’s theater area.

The university provides two alternatives for degree programs for those looking to work in the entertainment industry.

The three-year, full-time acting curriculum is designed for students who wish to become professional performers in theater, film, or television. The production program is a three-year full-time degree that is also geared toward individuals looking for technical work-related employment in the background.

Four full-length productions and two independent-style shows are created and produced by Studio 58 with the assistance of various experienced designers and directors each year for the school’s theater.

These productions, which are free to the public and frequently watched and reviewed by Vancouver media members, offer students the chance to perform or take part in other ways.

Canadian College of Performing Arts (Victoria, BC) 

The Canadian College of Performing Arts, a drama school that was established in 1998, has a distinctive approach to post-secondary performing arts education. For budding performers, the College offers three separate intense programs in a conservatory setting.

The College of Performing Arts places a strong emphasis on the value of skill-based training for the purpose of honed technical ability to make students well-rounded and ready to enter the professional world. It was created to offer students an alternative to other university programs that focus heavily on academics.

Courses at the College are instructed by renowned industry experts who are members of the faculty and special guests.

The College attracts a large number of top-tier educators, trainers, and coaches since it is one of Canada’s most distinctive and prestigious performing arts training institutions.

The College is well situated to act as a hub where aspiring performers can establish beneficial networking relationships with actual industry professionals and experts. Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia.

Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts (Vancouver, BC)

Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts (Vancouver, BC)
Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts (Vancouver, BC)

One of Canada’s leading performing arts universities, the Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts is situated in the heart of Vancouver.

The SCA, which was established in 1965, provides a wide range of alternatives for degree programs in the performing arts. The School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU offers undergraduate degree programs in dance, film, visual art, music & sound, theater performance, and theater production & design.

Several graduate degree programs are also available through the SCA, including an MA in contemporary arts, an MFA in transdisciplinary arts, and a Ph.D. in contemporary arts.

The SCA’s ground-breaking curriculum blends in-depth academic study and research with hands-on, skill-based training in studio workshops to provide students a thorough understanding of performance arts that will benefit them both inside and outside of the classroom.

Vancouver Film School (Vancouver, BC)

The Vancouver Film School, an internationally renowned post-secondary institution for performing arts education, provides students who desire to pursue a profession in the performing arts with a choice of 15 distinct degree programs.

Students can participate in the animation, gaming, design, and film industries in Vancouver as part of the VFS experience, which is fashioned after the working world.

VFS was established on the pedagogical tenet that after just one year of extensive work experience under the supervision of competent industry experts, students can produce portfolio content of a professional caliber.

As a result, the school’s educational philosophy is to provide students with a comprehensive set of abilities that will enable them to excel as professionals in the entertainment industry. This is done by balancing the study of academic theory with experiential, practical learning opportunities.

The school’s urban campus places students in close proximity to some of the city’s top academics, professionals, and leaders in the entertainment arts. Many of these individuals give significant career advice and industry insights as guest lecturers at VFS.

National Theatre School of Canada (Montreal, QC)

The National Theatre School of Canada is a small, private theater studies institution for post-secondary education. It is situated in Montreal, the second-largest city in Canada and the fourth-largest French-speaking city in the entire globe.

The National Theatre School of Canada’s intimate learning environment, which has an instructor-to-student ratio of 2:1 and classes with no more than 14 students, provides students with a wealth of opportunities to gain from close, individualized instruction and direct attention from faculty, many of whom are successful, working performance artists.

In all of the school’s programs, the school presents an average of 10 performances of high caliber that were written and performed by NTS students. These performances give students the chance to get useful real-world experience.

97% of NTS graduates secure professional contracts right away after completing their degree programs, demonstrating the school’s exceptional career placement rate.

University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC)

The University of British Columbia, a major academic institution that consistently ranks among the top 20 public institutions in the world, offers a rigorous theater arts training program for students interested in a degree that would lead to a career in the performing arts.

The primary campuses of UBS are in Vancouver and Okanagan, respectively. Over 56,000 graduate and undergraduate students attend the bigger Vancouver campus, and an additional 11,000 students attend the Okanagan campus.

The University of British Columbia has a total enrollment of 68,498 students when these two numbers are added together.

A number of other undergraduate major programs with a focus on the performing arts are among the many highly regarded degree programs that UFC offers, in addition to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in acting. These consist of numerous graduate degrees, theater design and production, theater studies, and film production.

Humber College (Toronto, ON)

Informally known as Humber College, the Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning is a public university in Toronto, Ontario.

In order to give students with easily available professional training so they can go on to become skilled professionals in the workforce, the school was established in 1967 by provincial legislation.

In order to give students a well-rounded, enriching education, Humber College still takes an industry-focused approach to education, fusing academic and experiential learning opportunities.

For students interested in acting or the performing arts more generally, Humber College offers a variety of full-time degree programs. Theater arts performance, film, acting, and media production, as well as acting for cinema & television, are all offered as majors for undergraduate students.

Each of these courses provides students with intense hands-on training and the knowledge they need to become successful performers in the industry.

The program offers students several opportunities to gain practical acting experience through a variety of workshop simulations, voice-over performances, screen demos, and an annual spring film presentation.

University of Toronto Joint Program with Sheridan College (Mississauga, ON)

The Theatre & Drama Studies Program at University of Toronto at Mississauga (UTM) is a distinctive, two-year equivalent conservatory program that is offered through a cooperation between UTM and the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

Students get the chance to study performance arts history, pertinent academic theory, and literature at UTM during the course of the degree. Additionally, Sheridan University’s professional actor training is available to program participants, which equips them with the abilities and information necessary to flourish as performers.

The intense, interdisciplinary theatre and drama studies program aims to develop graduates with a solid foundation in both practical knowledge and business-related information. Students in the program acquire valuable professional experience working at the Theatre Erindale in all facets of theater production, from on-stage performing to behind-the-scenes management.

University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)

University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)
Viola-Ness, Corbett Hall at the University of AlbertaCC BY-SA 4.0

A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting is available through the University of Alberta’s Drama Department.

This BFA program provides students with in-depth knowledge of acting, dance, and vocal studies over the course of three years of intensive conservatory instruction. The Department of Drama’s numerous knowledgeable faculty members who are top experts in the field of acting teach classes.

This program’s instructors approach teaching performing arts from their own areas of expertise, and as a result, the course content varies to support this intriguing range of subject matter.

Students interested in the performing arts can be guaranteed that they will receive all the practice they possibly need at this institution because the BFA in Acting program at the University of Arizona boasts more hours of professional acting training than any other university program for acting.

Toronto Metropolitan University (Toronto, ON)

In Toronto, Ontario’s Garden District, there is a public research university called Toronto Metropolitan University. A four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in acting is available via the university.

The School of Performance’s intensive, conservatory-style Acting BFA program lets students take part in hands-on learning activities like studio and public theatrical productions.

The acting BFA program assists students in gaining a thorough understanding of the acting industry, both from the standpoint of artists and as prospective working professionals, through a blend of demanding academic courses and practical training.

Students receive instruction in a variety of acting-related topics, including voice, creative growth, and movement, during each semester of the program.



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