Since we think Google Assistant is a tool that can help a lot in everyday life, today we will share with you what tasks we use Google Assistant for, and how it makes our life a little easier every day. How we use Google Assistant Setting alarms and timers One of the main tasks we ask Google Assistant for help with is to alert us or remind us of things, which is very useful when I’m cooking something, I ask Google Assistant to notify me 10m away “Hey Google, Set timer 10 minutes”.

Google Assistant has been with me for some time, I actually have one of these devices in every room of my house, this is for me the best virtual assistant on the market, even compared to Alexa, Siri or Cortana.

The advantages of this service are related to its integration with a large number of services, as well as its versatility.

Since we think Google Assistant is a tool that can help a lot in everyday life, today we are going to share with you what tasks we use Google Assistant for, and how it makes our lives a little easier every day.

The use we give to Google Assistant

Set alarms and timers

One of the main tasks we ask Google Assistant for help with is to alert us or remind us of things, which is very useful when I’m cooking something, I ask Google Assistant to let me know in 10m “Hey Google, Set timer 10 minutes “. It also serves to wake us up at a certain time “Hey Google, Wake me up at 7am”.

In my case, it is very useful for cooking, or taking a nap without having to set the alarm manually.

Set reminders

Next Monday I’m going to Paris for a presentation . I can ask Google Assistant to remind me to check in at 4 pm on Sunday, for example.“Hey Google, remind me to check in Sunday at 4pm”. Other things that you may be asked to remember are, for example, a lock pin that I use for the locker in the gym, the pin tells him and he will remember it forever. “Hey Google remind me that my locker pin is 12345”. When you want to know the pin just ask: “Hey Google, What´s my locker pin?”

As you have noticed using Google Assistant in English, I find it easier than trying to say things with a Brazilian accent to make me understand.

If you want to know which reminders you have for the future you can also ask, “Hey Google, tell me my reminders”.

Listen to music

Thanks to Google Assistant, they can play the music of their favorite artists on their favorite music streaming service by asking Google Assistant. I use the integration with Spotify, and use “Hey Google, Play Frenzhal Rhomb on Spotify” and it will reproduce what was requested.


View your favorite series on Netflix and HBO

Netflix and HBO are integrated with Google Assistant, and after linking your service account to your Google account, they can ask Google Assistant to play the show or movie they want. I have a Chromecast plugged into the Living Room TV and often ask Google Assistant to play my “Hey Google Play American Horror Story on Netflix” series. Immediately the requested series/movie will be played back at the exact point / episode where they left it. They can obviously ask to restart the episode, move forward or backward, pause, etc.


Search sports results

Google Assistant also lets us be informed about our favorite sports and teams and is able to quickly show us upcoming matches for our team, as well as the ranking of many sports competitions.

To access this information, the user only needs to say “Team name versus” if they want to know the next match, or “Hey Google, tell me the fixtures in La Liga” will display the table of the competition in question.


Do research

Personally, if there is one thing that I often use Google Assistant for, it is to ask all kinds of questions about movies, shows and entertainment in general, Google Assistant is 100% integrated with Google, and is able to offer us a multitude of Dice.

You can ask how tall Leo Messi is, or how old Meryl Streep is, and Google Assistant himself will answer, preventing us from doing manual search on Google. This is valid for all kinds of questions.

Request directions

Of course,  Google Maps is also integrated with Google Assistant, which means we can ask Google Assistant to guide us to the nearest hotel or specific street without having to manually enter data into your phone.

To do this, just say, “Hey Google, Take me to the nearest Macdonalds” to which Google will respond with a route on Google Maps, where, as always, we can select our modes of transport, Google will offer- to send data to your phone if you are using it on a Google Home Mini or Google Home.


Translate a sentence simultaneously

Google Assistant can also make life easier when we want to communicate in other languages, but its powerful translator can do almost simultaneous translations. “Hey Google, How do you say” Thank you “in Japanese”. The answer will be the word spoken in the chosen language.


Currency in the air

There are times when we want to make a random decision by tossing a coin, but it may not be the right place or time to do so. But fortunately, Google thought about that too, and if we ask Google Assistant to toss a coin, it will do so, with the included audio effect.

Another good way to trust the luck that Google Assistant offers us is to ask you to think of a number from 1 to 10. Here Google has pulled the imagination, the truth is that it is very useful sometimes to make quick decisions.


Recognize the song you are playing

Google Assistant can also recognize the song you’re playing by asking “Hey Google, what’s the name of this song?”. Google Assistant will listen closely to provide the name of the song in question, much like Shazam.


Google Assistant is a very powerful tool with endless possibilities, so it can save you valuable time each day on simple tasks that you can delegate to Google Assistant. Other uses I give Google Assistant are controlling smart outlets, smart lamps, and my Roomba.


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