14 best mods on Minecraft to improve the game

14 best mods on Minecraft to improve the game
14 best mods on Minecraft to improve the game

Minecraft is one of the most popular multiplayer sandbox games. You can build anything from blocks to anywhere. And there is also a mass of modifications (mods) that complement and expand the capabilities of the game. They all perform different functions. Some visually transform the game world, others add new features.

To make it easier for you to navigate, we decided to make a list of the best mods for Minecraft. If you are dealing with mods for the first time, first read how to install them. You can do this with several programs, one of the best is Minecraft Forge. Most mods that can be found are compatible with it. If the installation is successful, you will see a new Forge profile in the menu. So, let’s get started.



Usually the very first thing gamers add to Minecraft is the addition of Optfine . If you have a high-performance computer, this mod is definitely for you. It not only improves graphics, but also speeds up the game. It also allows you to increase FPS.

Speaking about improving graphics and fine-tuning, we mean adding dynamic textures in HD resolution, defining anti-aliasing parameters and the ability to change many other options related to graphics .



Optfine is a great addition, but it is only suitable for powerful laptops. And not everyone can afford to buy an expensive laptop. Inappropriate Optfine? Try Fastcraft ! It is designed specifically for computers with low performance.

To install FastCraft, just put it in the mods folder and install Minecraft Forge. No additional settings are required. After that, you will immediately notice that the graphics began to display more smoothly and without dropping frames.

Inventory Tweak

There are so many tools in Minecraft that you can get lost. This is where Inventory Tweak comes in handy.

This mod will help you conveniently sort all the tools (blocks and objects) that you have. Moreover, the mod automatically replaces the tool with a new one when the old one can no longer be used. Thanks to the configuration files, you can configure the sorting method as you wish.

To start sorting the inventory, use the middle mouse button or the R key on the keyboard. When you open the chest, you will see three additional buttons at the top of the screen. They allow you to sort items.

Not Enough Items

By installing Inventory Tweak, you can at the same time put Not Enough Items . This mod makes it easy to find your favorite tools. All items and blocks that are in the game can be found by simply entering the name or part of the name in the search bar.

Moreover, you can watch crafting recipes, determine which recipes a particular item is used in. If you have just started playing Minecraft, you must install NotEnoughItems!



Mod Journey Map will help you navigate unexplored territories and will make it possible to mark places of interest to you. In addition, the mod will issue a warning when enemies are ready to launch an attack. The map can be displayed as a minimap in the corner of the screen, in full screen mode, or even in an external browser.



Mod rlcraft Botania adds the game of flowers and other plants. But not just flowers! Each plant has magical energy. Some can heal, others can be used as animal feed, and others can cause aggression against strangers in relation to each other. But that is not all! One flower can even open the door to the magical world of elves.


If you are already such an experienced fighter that playing Minecraft has become too easy and therefore uninteresting, feel free to download RLCraft. enigmatica-2 RLCraft adds dragons, and enemies get such strength that they can kill you with one shot. The game becomes much more difficult.

Enigmatica 2

Enigmatica 2 is an assembly of quests for Minecraft, which includes more 13 modifications, such as Thermal Expansion, Biomes O ‘Plenty, Tinkers’ Construct, Mekanism and many others. This collection of mods will not only improve the graphical interface, but also complement the game’s functionality with many interesting options.

None of the modifications duplicate the functionality of the other. It is not surprising that in such a large selection of mods it is no wonder to get lost. To make it easier to navigate, read the documentation before starting.

Fossils and Archeology Revival


What is missing in Minecraft is the dinosaurs. Mod animal-bikes Fossils and Archeology Revival will help fix this shortcoming. After installing the mod, in the game it will be possible to meet not only a living tyrannosaurus, but also find the remains of ancient dinosaurs. You can even revive these fossils with magic. Currently Added 11 various prehistoric creatures!

animal-bikes Animal Bikes

Exploring new territories is not difficult when you are already an experienced player. And all because you already have a developed road network, ships, railways and so on. However, for beginners, this moment is one of the most difficult.

Thanks to Animal Bikes , you can make any animal your vehicle. In words, maybe this sounds a little ridiculous, but, believe me, in the game this is a very useful “trick”. You can saddle any animal, from cats and dogs to dragons. Download this modification and you will never have problems with transport in Minecraft!

Craft Guide


Choosing a crafting recipe is not an easy task. To find him, you have to pause the game and poke around on the Internet. Users regularly ask the developer to add recipes to the game.

In the meantime, the creators of Minecraft are thinking, you can download this mod. still-hungry Craft Guide is a book in which there are recipes for all the crafts that can only be found in the game.

Still Hungry

Food is one of the key resources that helps you stay alive in Minecraft. However, in the game you do not control the choice of food very well, and the food resource is limited.

Still Hungry brings to Minecraft a bunch of different foods, sometimes healthy and sometimes harmful. From pancakes to hamburgers, pizza and french fries.

Magic Yarn

The world of Minecraft is unlimited – there is always a chance to get lost. But it doesn’t matter if you get lost, the mod will always come to your aid Magic Yarn . It tracks your path from home to destination. Now, at any time when you decide to return home and you can’t navigate, just look at your route, tracked by the Magic Yarn mod, and you can easily return home.


Galacticraft opens the way to space. With this mod you can leave your mark on different planets, explore distant galaxies, build and collect various energy resources. There are many space mods, but all of them, in terms of capabilities, remain far behind Galacticraft.


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