The saying “prevention is better than cure” is the maxim when it comes to security in condo. Precisely because most people who choose this form of housing take into account the safety that these environments advocate.

But to ensure this tranquility for the condo owners, there are several resources and good practices that can be adopted by syndics by the residents themselves to further improve the safety of these places. See some of them below.

4 tips to improve security in condo

Identify who is entering the condo

One of the main measures to prevent accidents in condominiums is to know who is having access to this environment and why. Therefore, several actions should be considered in this regard, such as:

  • Identify service providers and visitors at the concierge, before letting them in;
  • Advise tenants to pick up their deliveries at the concierge;
  • Maintain a relationship with the identification of the residents, as well as the license plates of the cars that use the garage;
  • For tenants: monitor the opening and closing of the gate to ensure that no one takes advantage of this moment to enter the condominium.

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Create security protocols and publicize them

Ensuring the security of the condominium is the duty of everyone who attends it, whether they are condominium owners, workers, trustees or service providers. In this way, security protocols, which sometimes only exist “on paper”, must be naturalized and actually practiced by all those who are part of this ecosystem.

Issues such as good safety habits, what to do in the event of a robbery, invasion, or who to notify in case of suspicion, are some of the situations that deserve to have specific measures to ensure the tranquility of the condo.

In this sense, if your building does not yet exist or you do not know these protocols, it is worth paying attention to this matter!

  • Count on the help of technology

More and more devices are being developed and improved in order to guarantee collective security in condominiums. Devices with biometric verification, automated systems and other electronic features are some of the solutions that landlords and tenants have found to improve security in the residential environment. Below are some of these technologies:

  • Virtual Intercom: the intercom, a traditional communication item in condo, has been modernized and now also allows direct contact with the unit owner by cell phone, through a system that makes a call to the resident’s number when the visitor identifies himself or herself. The practicality of this device allows the unit owner to answer the intercom even outside the house, and also intensifies security measures, since the call remains recorded on the device.
  • Biometric keys: more and more devices have adopted biometric reading as a security method. Currently, this technology has also been used in condo accesses, both with biometric recognition and facial or voice recognition.
  • Remote control with panic button: in this model of remote control, in addition to the traditional buttons to open the garage door, there is also a button that can be activated in a situation of danger or duress, which immediately alerts the condo surveillance center about the risk situation.
  • Quick communication via WhatsApp groups : a simple and practical solution, already adopted by many condominiums, is the groups of neighbors on WhatsApp. In them, it is possible to inform quickly and effectively if something seems to deviate from the normal routine of the building.

In addition to thinking about acquiring new technologies for condo security, it is also worth remembering the importance of updating the existing security system, such as the camera and alarm system, for example, which with the constant evolution of appliances can have their security purpose. potentiated.

Empower security professionals

A well-trained team with experience in condominium security is essential to ensure the preservation of the condominium and the well-being of residents. Therefore, when hiring service providers, evaluate the company and the training of professionals for day-to-day situations in the condominium.

In addition to all these tips, it is also worth remembering traditional safety habits, such as using the peephole before opening the door and always communicating with the other residents of the condominium if you notice something strange.

In this way, with attention and collective collaboration, condominiums tend to become even safer and more comfortable places for their residents!

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