5 Apps to Hide Pictures and Videos on Android


Many people like to share nature pictures, family pictures and selfies with their friends. These are personal pictures that are not intended for public viewing. Fortunately, there are some great Android apps that help hide pictures and videos on your phone from prying eyes. Such applications offer various functions, for example, stealth mode, PIN-code protection and top-level encryption – this ensures that pictures that are dear to you are not available to everyone.

All of them are free, but you can switch to the premium mode if you need additional functionality. Some free applications boast features that are usually only available in others in the premium versions, so read the description carefully before choosing a paid option.



Vault is a “virtual safe” that can protect your pictures, videos, and even applications. It is also possible to protect SMS, call log and contact list thanks to the special “Personal Contact” function, which hides your important files. Most importantly, the password protection feature ensures that all pictures are hidden. You can open them only after entering the password.

The premium version has an excellent feature: the application uses the front camera of your device to take pictures of an attacker trying to open hidden pictures. There are many more features in the premium version, including creating fake storage, a cloud service and a special mode in which you can hide the storage icon on the main screen.

But I recommend using the free version if your main goal is to hide only pictures and videos. It will be enough. In addition to protecting multimedia, there are bonus features such as protecting SMS, call logs and Facebook messages with a password.

Video locker

Video Locker is a virtual storage for your videos that protects them by moving them to a secret location on your phone. Hidden files are then encrypted using the advanced 128 AES encryption method. This provides complete protection, as the video cannot be found even if an attacker steals your SD card. The app uses a secret PIN method to hide files. You will need to enter a passcode to view the video or photo.

You can save your videos in folders or hide individual folders. The application may be completely invisible and will not appear in the list of recently launched. It also automatically closes itself if your device goes into sleep mode.

If you forget your PIN, you can send it by e-mail. In the premium version, you get a lack of advertising and a special stealth mode that replaces the application with a simple calculator. If you do not need these functions, the free version is suitable for you.


Vaulty creates a private gallery that hides your files from the main gallery. Once you have transferred your personal pictures and videos to it, simply protect the application with a PIN code or text password.

The uniqueness of Vaulty is that it uses the front camera of your phone to automatically capture an intruder trying to break into your secret gallery. This feature, available in the Vault Premium version, is provided free of charge in Vaulty.

Vaulty also allows you to back up your hidden files (although to use this feature you will have to subscribe to the cloud storage function). An online backup can be very useful if your phone is lost or broken. So you can transfer your files to your new device.



AppLock is usually used to password protect SMS, contacts, call logs and chat messages. But it can also hide images and videos. Just select the pictures you want and enter the PIN code to hide them. To see them you will need to enter your PIN code. For greater secrecy, you can hide the application icon, and then easily open it after entering the password.

If you are afraid that AppLock might be removed, then simply password protect it with advanced settings. No one can delete it until a password is entered. The free version offers protection only for applications, videos and pictures. AppLock requires very little memory. In general, this is a good option, but the free version will have to do with minimal functionality.

Hide it pro

If your curious friend searches for pictures and videos on your smartphone, with Hide It Pro installed,  he will not find anything. This is all because your files will be hidden using a harmless-looking audio player, which, by the way, is fully operational. There is also a slide show and video player function that allows you to view files without having to remove the hidden mode from them.

This is your secret cache that no one can find unless you hold down the desired shortcut with a long press. A single press will open only the volume buttons. The application allows you to put pictures and videos in different folders. You can sort files or folders by name and select the files you want to hide.


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