5 Best Canada Law Blogs and Websites

5 Best Canada Law Blogs and Websites
5 Best Canada Law Blogs and Websites

1. Slaw | Canada’s Online Legal Magazine

Slaw | Canada's Online Legal Magazine  Canada
Slaw is Canadian, cooperative, and about any and all things legal.
 8.5K 2 posts/week  Dec 2014

2. Ackah Business Immigration Law Blog

Ackah Business Immigration Law Blog  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ackah Business Immigration Law is a Canadian law firm offering a full range of Canadian and NAFTA U.S. Immigration Law and international immigration law services.
Also in Canada Immigration Blogs
 5.2K 547 1 post/month

3. The Court

The Court Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An online resource for debate & data about the Supreme Court of Canada. The goal is to be an inclusive forum for academics, practitioners, and interested citizens to publish, review & discuss commentary on recent Supreme Court judgments, upcoming cases, current hearings, scholarly perspectives, practical insights, updates, and more.
Also in Legal Blogs
 920 6K 3 posts/month  Jan 2007

4. ABlawg

ABlawg Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The University of Calgary Faculty of Law Blog includes commentary by faculty members, sessional instructors, research associates at our affiliated institutes, and students on court and tribunal decisions as well as legislative and policy developments in Alberta and beyond.
Also in Alberta Law Blogs
 3.3K 1 post/week  May 2016

5. CPLEA – Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta

CPLEA - Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta`s mission is to enhance the accessibility and quality of justice realized in Canada. It addresses its mission by creating learning opportunities and building learning communities that facilitate the creation, management, exchange, and integration of knowledge among people within the justice system and between them and the general public.
 1.2K 1.5K 1 post/month  Nov 2016




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