Smartphone screens accumulate many germs, and it has been shown that they can have up to 600 different types of bacteria. To avoid germs, it is essential to have a clean smartphone, and more so, considering that your hands touch many things throughout the day.

The displays of smartphones accumulate many germs and it has been shown that it can have up to 600 different types of bacteria. To avoid germs, it is essential to have a clean smartphone, and even more so, considering that hands touch many things throughout the day.

Through a Reddit threada user proposes that people explain how they clean their phones daily. Since today’s smartphones are tactile and go everywhere with owners, it would be interesting to learn about other people’s tricks for effective phone cleaning. He even asks how many people use their phones without cover.

Wear pants fabric or shirt

The most repeated advice is one that proposes to clean the phone screen while wearing pants or shirt. An action that many users perform daily when their phone accidentally gets dirty. The first reaction will be to use the shirt or pants to remove this dirt.

Use a microfiber cloth

Using a microfiber cloth, typical for glasses, is a good solution. Many users opt for this measure and ensure that it works very well. One said that every two weeks he spends a minute cleaning his phone with a microfiber cloth, especially to remove possible oil stains and accumulated dirt.

Moist wipes are a good solution

Antibacterial wipes

Another user says that if someone picks up your phone during the day, he makes sure to clean it with some antibacterial cleaning wipes. Also used are baby wipes that do a good job of cleaning. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to clean a smartphone.

Water and soap

Using a cloth with soap and water twice a week is another effective measure that users suggest. One of them even claims that what he does is, every time he washes his hands, wipes the phone with his hand towel while it is still wet. A solution that does not kill bacteria, but that is to clean the screen dirt.

As always there are the “funniest” users who suggest fun solutions, but this should never be done. Humorously, one of them is said to tie the phone to a rope, then put it on the toilet and flush the toilet. Another, on the other hand, ensures that the dishwasher is a good solution. Jokes aside no one likes to have a dirty and bacterial smartphone and these are some suggestions on how to always have it clean.


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