5 tips to avoid child domestic accidents

Rare is the family that has not had to go through the shock of witnessing a child domestic accident . And it is that, living in a safe home not only implies take out a home policy and ignore each other, but it is also necessary to adapt the house very well, especially if we have children. Is this your case? If your answer is yes, read on and find out how, from now on, you can avoid childhood domestic accidents and turn the most dangerous areas of your home into safe areas.

Avoid child domestic accidents

It is known that millions of domestic accidents occur every year. Specifically, the figure is around two million. On the other hand, the kitchen is one of the most dangerous in the house for the little ones and it is known that the incidents that cause the most income for minors are falls from the stairs, crib and changing table.

Hits, tripping, poisoning, suffocation, choking and burns are also the order of the day. You will ask yourself, how can you prevent domestic accidents from occurring in your home that put your children’s safety at risk? Keeping these 5 tips in mind is a great first step!

5 tips to avoid child domestic accidents

Medications and cleaning products out of the reach of children

To avoid poisoning, make sure to keep cleaning products (bleach, detergent tablets, liquid products…) and medicines out of the reach of children. A good way to do this is to lock them up and try to buy brands with child-resistant closures and lids.

Avoid using containers such as cookie jars or glass jam containers to pour these products. They are inappropriate because, in addition to not being safe for an environment where children live, they can also attract the attention of the smallest and most curious.

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The best thing to avoid confusion is to always keep the products in their original containers. Otherwise, another alternative is to label or identify them correctly.

Adapt the bathroom at home

When we live at home with children, it is essential to carry out a kind of audit or review to detect the most dangerous areas of the house. Surely you will conclude that the bathroom is one of them.

When your children grow and enjoy some independence, it will be the ideal time to include anti-slip bars and mats. Taking this advice into account is not only good for the little ones, but also for adults. The reality is that everyone, regardless of our age, is at risk of slipping or falling.

Tips to prevent burns in children

The first thing you should be clear about is that the kitchen is not an area where children should be, much less alone. It is also not appropriate for them to be hanging around while we are cooking, but, if it is impossible to avoid it, it is best to make sure of such basic issues as using adequate lids to prevent splashes, using pans and saucepans whose handles do not protrude from the kitchen cabinet and keeping them hidden. matches and lighters.

Avoid electric shock

Electrical injuries are another of the domestic accidents that most worry and scare parents. Preventing the little ones from suffering an accident due to an electric shock is not that difficult. In fact, all the alternatives are within our reach.

The first thing is to cover all the plugs that we do not normally use with special protectors. Another important point is to teach them not to touch them in any case, but much less if they are barefoot or with wet hands or feet.

Avoid having spliced ​​cables at home and constantly monitor the operation of all electrical appliances at home.

Crawl around the house as if you were a child

You may think it’s crazy, but a good way to discover what dangers your child faces at home is by moving, discovering and exploring as he would in his day to day.

Try to crawl at their same height to detect those potential risks and put a solution immediately. You will surely find that you will need to put doorstops on the doors and incorporate padded protectors on the corners of the furniture.


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