6 Examples of Great Interactive Video Games

6 Examples of Great Interactive Video Games

6 Examples of Great Interactive Video GamesVideo games are a popular pastime. However, some gamers are looking for interactive video games because they want to feel more immersed in the story. Not to mention that interactive games are not necessarily that complicated. You do not have to click as much and feel stressed because the gameplay is so intense.

So long as you have enough free storage on your device and the game is compatible with the operating system, you can enjoy a video game. And if you are looking for some interactive video game suggestions, the list below ought to come in quite handy.

The Witcher 3

The smooth combat system is one of the best things about Witcher 3. You do not have to be a fan of the Witcherverse, nor is there a need to have played the previous two games (though they are still great and should be on your list).

The interactivity aspect comes from the fact that throughout the game, players have to make story choices that affect the outcome of the game. These decisions, combined with excellent gameplay, are one of the primary reasons why so many fans of the franchise continue to replay the game.

6 Examples of Great Interactive Video Games

The Walking Dead

When we talk about interactive games, it is common to think about Telltale Games, developers behind Batman, Game of Thrones, Borderlands, and other excellent IPs. However, The Walking Dead seems to be the go-to option as far as their best work goes.

The storytelling of the franchise seems to be a perfect fit for the game. And while the story is not necessarily canon and is treated more like a spinoff, it is still an excellent addition.

Finally, even if you are not a fan of TWD, you will still find plenty to enjoy about the story-driven games. Not to mention that you can check other Telltale Games titles if you wish to do that.


Among multiple battle royale games, Fortnite stands out in its fast-paced gameplay and decision-making. You need to react fast. Otherwise, you are bound to die and start a new game, which can be frustrating.

Getting used to the gameplay of Fortnite takes a while, but once you finish a few matches, you should be good to go.

The Last of Us

Playstation seems like the go-to option for interactive games these days. The Last of Us is arguably the best example of such a game. Some believe that the brilliant storytelling where you follow characters in this game paved the way for modern games.

The Last of Us also has a sequel, which is arguably even better than the first game. If you have a PlayStation, The Last of Us should be one of the first if not the first game you need to get because it is a Sony exclusive.

Ace Attorney

Visual novels are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are looking for an interactive video game, then this genre is one worth considering.

It is important to note that visual novels come from Japan, so you might be surprised by how they approach storytelling. If you have not played or read a visual novel, then this experience will feel unique.

For beginners, Ace Attorney is usually the go-to option. The game first appeared in 2001 on Game Boy Advance. It did not take too long for the franchise to take off, and you have multiple games spanning two decades right now.

Regardless of what platform you are using for gaming, you should not have problems finding Ace Attorney. And who knows? Ace Attorney might be your window to visual novels and the best that these interactive games have to offer.

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is another example of an excellent interactive video game. It is a series, a collection of episodic adventures developed by Square Enix Europe.

Multiple reviews, including the one from Eurogamer, called the game one of the best among everything we have right now in interactive games.

Solving puzzles, interacting with various objects, and completing quests is not the only way to change the outcome of the game. No, interaction also comes from branching dialogue exchanges.

Ultimately, your first playthrough covers only part of the game. If you like the Life Is Strange series, then you will want to replay and discover what other possibilities exist in the game. And even if a single playthrough can be pretty long, if you enjoy the game, there should not be a problem going again and enjoying it again.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, there are plenty of great interactive games that you can try. Note that if you try any of these games mentioned in the article and like what you see, explore the genre further, as the gaming industry has a plethora of interactive video games.



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