6 Tips To Adapting home office

6 Tips To Adapting home office

The social isolation recommended as a prevention of coronavirus has changed the work routine of thousands of people. Without being able to leave the house, the solution found was to adopt the home office as an alternative to continue with professional activities and maintain health care.

However, not everyone is used to working from home. How to stay focused and productive when working from home? Check out 6 tips that will help you adapt faster to remote work!

6 tips for adapting to the home office

1 – Prepare yourself before starting the home office

To start the day with productivity, try to wake up, shower and have breakfast calmly. After all, you won’t have to face traffic, so take your time.

Put on your “work look”, that is, dress professionally even when you are at home, as this will help you to scare away laziness. Avoid wearing pajamas. And finally, choose a quiet, comfortable environment to work in and behave as if you were at work. After all, you are.

2 – Maintain a correct posture

In the comfort of home it is very easy to relax and get into a wrong posture. So, don’t work lying in bed or sitting on the couch, as this can end up causing spine problems.

To avoid these problems, place your work computer on a table and sit in a chair with a backrest. Leave the mouse and keyboard in comfortable positions for use.

3 – Focus on work

To stay focused, avoid distractions indoors. Turn off the TV, as the silence will help you focus on work. If you want to listen to music, choose the least agitated and at low volume.

Another tip is to keep your phone away from you, put it on silent or turn off notifications. Also don’t waste time with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Leave to use social media during breaks.

4 – Be very disciplined

Create a daily schedule with time to start work, lunch break and time to finish the day’s activities. Respect these schedules to help your body get used to the work-at-home routine.

Another good tip is to make a list of tasks for the day, this helps to maintain determination and focus on fulfilling each of the items. It’s very easy to lose track of time at home, so be careful not to overwork.

5 – Control your schedule

Take short 5-minute breaks every 30 minutes of work to grab a coffee, drink water, and eat something. Take advantage of breaks to stretch or stretch. Your body will thank you!

Don’t stay for hours and hours in front of the computer without having meals. At lunchtime, stop everything! It is important to eat well to maintain your immunity.

6 – Communicate with your co-workers

Talk to your team and managers frequently throughout the day. This avoids confusion and delay in deliveries. Be careful not to isolate yourself from work because you are not at the office. Keep in touch by phone, email, whatsapp and video conference.

And, at home, make it clear to your family that you are working so that they avoid asking for favors or talking at inappropriate times.

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With these tips, you will gradually be able to adapt to the home office without major problems. Remember that not everyone has the privilege of working from home, so take the opportunity to maintain your health care and help fight the coronavirus pandemic.


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