8 Voice Changer Apps for Android

8 Voice Changer Apps for Android SoulApps Studio Voice Changer

Voice Changer Apps Voice is sound waves of different frequencies. To change the voice, applications use mathematical operations on these waves, basic processing (filters, delays, etc.), as well as special algorithms for other sound manipulations. Most algorithms change the amplitude, pitch, and tone of the voice.

And since everyone’s voice is different, the result of the conversion will also be different. Since pitch is only one of the elements of the human voice, there are limits to how much variation can be done without getting “stilted” or “digital” sounding. Some applications use additional algorithms to compensate or buffer unnatural sounds.

Note: when compiling the rating, I encountered one problem – all such applications use only “Voice Changer” as the name (except for Voloco). Therefore, in order for them to somehow differ in the article, I will use the developer company as the name.

8 Voice Changer Apps for Android

Soul Apps Studio

With the help of SoulApps Studio, you can make an audio recording, edit a track, change the sound of your voice (for example, put a cartoon character) – there are a lot of possibilities. There are many effects, all free: voice effects change the voice message, and imitation locations provide additional background.

SoulApps Studio Voice Changer

Only vocals can be extracted from mp3 files, in the audio editor you can change any track to your taste. There is an interesting feature: you can record a voice in the What App program, add an effect and send it in a message. You can also add a real-time voice changer.

The interface is very simple, if advertising interferes, you can simply turn off the Internet. It works well without the Internet, all settings are saved.


AndroidRock is the most popular app for voice changer (but poorly designed), overlay effects (for example, dialogue effect with replay and replay). Weighs little, works even on very old versions of Android. There are functions for changing the voice in real time and ready-made recordings. At the same time, the quality of the modified voice on the finished track and on the newly made recording is no different.

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QStudio.org is an application with which you can record a message in the voice of any character. Even a real person: for example, a famous actor or singer. It is also possible to record a video with a modified voice and share it with friends in any application. The program is easy to use, clear and user-friendly interface. Video and sound processing is fast enough – in a few seconds you get a ready-made recording with added effects.

The application also has the ability to edit already made entries. Interesting entertainment for children and adults. You can prank your friends or make a really interesting video for TikTok or any other social network.

Ponic Media

In Ponica.Media , you can choose a ready-made preset or change almost all the characteristics yourself: tempo, timbre, tone, and everything else. There is a function “text to voice” – for translating text messages into voice messages, while retaining the ability to select a voice for voice acting. The finished file can be saved and sent to any messenger.

Changes to voice recordings are available in any format, but sometimes when you change the recording, the bass may be a little stronger. There are practically no ads, which makes the application even more convenient. Quite a large free period of use. Great option for gambling.


9xgeneration Voice Chnager

The 9xgeneration application  uses a special algorithm for changing the voice and supports changing the sound in the chat itself. To change the voice, there are many options: from the voice of a child to an alien. The absence of a large number of intrusive ads and the small weight of the application make it one of the most convenient.

To expand the capabilities of the program, you can purchase a subscription, although the functionality is quite wide in the free version. Qualitative characteristics of the sound (timbre, pitch, speed) are easily changed and stored in the library.

After creating and editing a track, you can share it with your friends. Both the sound itself and the video content are changed, so you can create a full-fledged video with effects. You can extract and add other effects from the archive of the finished file.

super effect studio

Super Effect Studio is a free program for creating music tracks. Allows you to easily create and modify a recording: adjust the pitch of your voice, add noise, adjust the volume, playback speed, add or remove bass, edit and improve the sound. Or just sing like karaoke.

Any created file can be shared by clicking the appropriate button. The archive saves all variants of the changed records. But sometimes there may be minor playback issues when saving a track.

302 Lock Screen

Thanks to the function of trimming, increasing and decreasing the volume, removing unnecessary moments in the recording is a very useful thing. 302 Lock Screen has  an editing function that allows you to overlay a separately recorded voiceover on any video. Ideal for recording TikTok videos.

Voice characteristics can be changed without changing the playback speed. In this case, you can use several effects at once instead of one. Intuitive interface – no difficulties in use. Among the saved records, it is very easy to find the one you need.


Voloco is a mobile vocal recording studio with the ability to overdub background music and record a full track. Among the available tools, you can also find the function we need to change the voice – called autotune.

In general, a good application, but it lacks the ability to work in the background – if you minimize the application, the record will not be saved. The free version has 1000 beats and about 40 special effects. In the paid one, there are even more of them. There is an equalizer and reverb function.


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