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8 Ways How to Change Text Color on iPhone

8 Ways How to Change Text Color on iPhone

Change Text Colors: To create content in an appealing format, you can change the text’s appearance by changing its font, size, and color. Tired of seeing the default color and want to customize the font color in your iPhone?

Well, Apple officially doesn’t allow customizing font, font size, and font color on the iPhone. Even there are no approved apps on the App store to do so. If you want to know the best alternatives on how to change text color on iPhone, then keep reading.

Change Text Colors via Installer

Launch Installer and click Sources. Enter http://apptapp.saurik.com/ as a source and click Install. In the System, install Cydia. Find ‘Search’ at the bottom of the app interface. Find and install WinterBoard.

Choose Sections and find Themes (Springboard). Select any theme and quit Cydia. Access WinterBoard and open folder: /private/var/stash/Themes.y9qoV5/Saurik/. Edit Info.plist file and change the text color. Now, save the edited file.

Change the Font Color for Subtitles

Not only can you change the font colors of the subtitles, but you can also invert the colors of the text to make the content more visible. To change the font color, go to the Settings app and select Accessibility. Scroll down and click Subtitles & Captioning.

Click Style in the Subtitles & Captioning screen. Click Create New Style. Click Color under Text to change the color. More to that, learn how to invert colors to make your subtitles more visible on your iPhone.

Change the Lock Screen Font Color

First, unlock your iPhone with FaceID or TouchID and remain on the Lock Screen. After unlocking your iPhone, click and hold an empty Lock screen area. Or, swipe to launch the Notification Center on the screen.

Tap and hold a space to access the edit mode on the Lock Screen. Click Customize to change the font color. Then, click Time Widget and get the Font & Color menu. Select any font color options.

Change Font Color in the Pages App

Mac iphone

Another built-in tool to change the color of the text on your iPhone 14 Pro is the Pages app. Open the Pages app on iOS to change the text color of a document on your iPhone. Click a required document inside Pages. Click Edit when a document opens in Screen View.

Now, the document you have chosen will get into edit mode if you get the document in Screen View. Click on the desired text to highlight it and change the font color inside a document. Then, click the Paintbrush icon. Scroll down the text menu and tap Text Color.

Add Background Color to Text

You can add a background color to any selection of text. It includes words, individual characters, and complete paragraphs to create a highlight effect. To change the color, select the text you wish to change.

Or click a shape or a text box and then click the format button. Click Text if you can’t find the text controls. Click three horizontal dots and tap Text Background, and swipe to see color options.

Change Apple Mail Font Color

Open the Mail app on your iPhone. Create a new email or select from your saved drafts. Select the text whose font color you want to change and then highlight them. To choose a text, click on the text and tap Select.

Expand the selection by dragging the cursor on any end. Click the Aa icon in the toolbar to open the Format menu. Tap the rainbow circle icon. Choose a color from a grid in the Color Palette by clicking any cells.

Change Font Color in the Pages App

When it comes to how to change text color on iPhone, you can launch the Pages app. It will help in changing the document text color. Open a document inside Pages and click the Edit button.

Highlight the required text to change the font color and click the Paintbrush icon from the toolbar. Click Text Color in the Text menu. Now, simply choose the required color and apply it to the selected text in the document.

Explore the Text Color Menu

When you access the Text Color menu, you’ll find different options. The Color tab will show by default to apply color to the selected text. The Preset tab allows selecting a color or a single-tone gradient.


The Gradient option will apply a customized gradient to the selected text. You can add an image as the font color by clicking the Image button inside the Text Color menu.

The Conclusion

To sum up everything, there are many ways to change the text color on an iPhone. The method depends on which font you’re going to change, i.e., the text of the document or subtitles.

Using different colors in Lock Screen, email, or document, you can make them more presentable. So, select and apply various font colors to prevent text on your iPhone from appearing lame.



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