9 tips for professional Google search to get the most accurate results

9 Tips for professional Google search
Google search

Despite the many features provided by the Google search engine to organize information in search results, searching in Google requires some skills to reach the most accurate possible results, so that the user when searching in Google can exclude unwanted results, or get results related to a period of time, and through the use of some symbols within the search words, better results can be reached.

Here are the best tips to get more accurate results when searching on Google:

How to get Google search results more accurate?

1- Use quotation marks “” to reach results for the search word or phrase specifically

To get results for a specific word or phrase when you search Google, simply put that word or sentence in quotation marks, such as “Galaxy Note 9 Echo Tech”, and search results that include only all those words appear.

2. Use a dash – to exclude the consequences of a term or word

To exclude any word or term from the search results in Google, the user only has to add a dash sign – besides this word or term, for example, you can search for [Mohamed Salah – Liverpool – Zamalek], in order to exclude the search results in Google related to his English club Liverpool and exclude the search results of the former Zamalek coach of the same name.

3. Use the ~ tide sign to get search results for synonyms of a word

If you add a “~” before any word in your search words, synonyms for that word will also appear in search results, for example, you can search using [Programming ~Tutorial] for tutorials, video tutorials, and programming exercises.

4. Search for results for a word or phrase in a specific location

If you want to get results from a specific site when searching Google, simply use this format in the search [site:anywebsite.com], so that you can search, for example, all the results of the Galaxy S10 published on the technology echo website, through [site:techswizz.com Google Camera].

5- Use the vertical dash sign “|” to get results for more than one search word

If you use the vertical sign “|” between Google search words, Google will provide search results for all words, i.e. the sign can be used instead of “or”, so that you can search using [Kia Cerato price | Sportage | Picanto] to get results on the prices of all these cars.

6. Find alternative locations

By searching Google, the user can find alternative sites, by searching using [related:amazon.com], for example, and replacing the domain of the Amazon site with any other site to find alternative or similar sites.

7- Search for a specific type or format of files

When you need to search for a specific type or format of file when searching in Google, for example searching for books in PDF format, the user only has to search using [filetype:pdf], with the possibility of replacing the PDF with any other type of file, such as DOC.

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8- Google voice search

Google Voice Search
Google Voice Search

By clicking on the microphone button on the side of the search box whether through the computer or phone, the user can search for what he wants using his voice, with Arabic language support.

9- Easily identify the founder of any company

To identify the founder of any company, simply search Google using the word “founder” next to the company name, for example [Microsoft founder], with the ability to replace the company name with the name of any other company, so that the names of the founders appear at the top of the search results.


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