AirPods 3 buttons what are they and how to configure it

Have you just purchased your new Airpods 3 and you don’t know where the buttons are? We recommend you continue reading this article as we will cover all the information regarding its handling and how to get the most out of your new headphones.

The Airpods 3 (or third-generation) are characterized by being one of the most recent headphones on the Apple brand market. Its success is because each one of them has a variety of functions that will facilitate its use and will be of great help in your daily life.

All models of Apple brand wireless headphones have become very popular among consumers, as they have an innovative feature – the force sensor. 

The popular American electronics company always has the goal of adding new factors to each of its equipment. It is for this reason that they decided to reduce the number of buttons that have been used for years in wired headphones and instead have implemented a force sensor.

How can I manipulate the Airpods 3 if they don’t have buttons?

All the functions built into the third-generation Airpods can be controlled by the force sensor. Therefore, depending on the touches you apply to said sensor, you will be able to play and pause the songs, change to the next song, regulate the volume and even access Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri.

If you are listening to music and you want to pause the song, you must touch it on the elongated part of the hearing aid. By pressing it again you can continue playing the audio.

  • To advance to the next topic you must apply two touches on the force sensor. Instead, to go back three touches are made.
  • In case you receive a call and want to answer it, you can accept it by pressing once on the force sensor.
  • To access Siri, simply keep your finger pressed on the sensor to activate it. It should be noted that this virtual assistant will help you if you want to lower or raise the volume of the audio you are playing by saying “Hey Siri, turn up the volume” or “Lower the volume”. In turn, you can also control the volume of the Airpods 3 on the notification bar on your phone screen.
  • It is also important to add that another way to manipulate the volume is through your Apple Watch. To achieve this, you must go to the “Now Playing ” tab on your watch and turn the Digital Crown.

The charging case

When we acquire our third-generation Airpods, they will come with the classic charging case that we have found in previous versions. Not only will it work as a charger, but it also turns out to be a place where we can keep our hearing aids protected when we are not using them.

If we detail the charging case, we will observe a single point that is related to the buttons of the Airpods 3. It is a small white circle that allows us to access the Airpods settings. Similarly, this button will help us link the hearing aids for the first time to Apple devices or other equipment, such as Android.

AirPods models and their differences

Airpods 3 advanced settings

The button on the case fulfills the function of taking us to the advanced settings panel of the hearing aids. Therefore, below we explain in detail how to get the most out of the third generation Airpods.

As mentioned in previous cases, the Airpods 3 do not have a specific button to control them, instead, they have a force sensor that allows us to skip between songs, go back, pause, resume, etc. Despite this, Apple has taken the initiative to add a menu where we can change the actions that will be performed depending on the touches on the sensor.

For example, in this menu, we will be free to choose which of the two Airpods will be the one that we will use to double-tap or press and hold the force sensor to activate Siri. In turn, we can change the number of touches to advance to the next audio.

  • To access this configuration of the Airpods we must open the charging case. With the headphones inside the case, we go to our Apple device linked with the Airpods.
  • We look for the “More information” button (which reflects an “I” inside a blue circle).
  • From this site, we can decide what will be the functions that will be carried out concerning the number of touches on the sensor.

Other settings are based on automatic ear detection. The Airpods 3 can stop the audio when we remove one of the headphones from the ear and resume the music when we bring it closer again. Automatic detection can be changed in the same control panel in the settings of your devices by following the steps described above.

Connect Airpods 3 to other devices

Below we will leave the steps to link your Airpods to any device, including Android products.

Before starting, we must make sure that the headphones are placed inside the case since this is how we can change their configuration.

  • The first step is based on opening the charging case and without moving any of the Airpods we press the button located on the back of the case.
  • After a few seconds a white light will come on between the middle of the two hearing aids and it will begin to make several flashes.
  • Finally, we turn on the Bluetooth of the equipment that we want to link and we search among the devices close to the Airpods, when selecting them the link will be made.


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